Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sanctions against Iran Ineffective – DIA Chief

The Director of US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess said Iran has produced “more than enough” low-enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon, and that the UN sanctions “are not stopping Iran’s drive to enrich uranium.”

In a statement prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee and carried by news agencies today, the DIA chief said Iran has installed nearly 9,000 centrifuges at Natanz. In 2007, when the sanctions by UN and Western countries began, Iran had only 3,000 centrifuges. Burgess’s remarks reinforce latest US government assessments that the current sanctions against Iran have been ineffective.

Gen. Burgess says in his statement that Iran is protecting its Natanz and Qom nuclear installations underground.

“Buried, hardened facilities and improved air defenses are key elements of Iran’s extensive program to protect its nuclear infrastructure from destruction,” Burgess says. “Iran’s construction is in keeping with a transnational tunneling trend where potential adversaries conceal and protect their most vital national security activities.”

On air defenses, Burgess says Iran’s plans to defend its facilities, as well as protecting its senior leaders, was dealt a setback when Russian officials in September prohibited delivery of the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

On Iran’s missile program, the DIA chief says Iran’s Simorgh satellite launch vehicle shows the country’s progress toward developing an intercontinental ballistic missile.


mat said...

Yes, So,don't mess with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Even a complete dolt would have to wonder how a deadbeat global LOSER like the US which is already $15 TRILLION in debt "sanction" Iran which has closer to a TRILLION DOLLAR economy (nominal PPP), 2nd largest gas reserves and perhaps the 3rd largest natural gas reserves. Iran also has the fastest growing technical and industrial base in the region. Not to mention a prime geo-strategic location, growing links and ties to Asian powerhouses led by China. Even India is now strengthening its ties to resurgent Iran. It is the US that is on the eternal losing streak as it miscalculated by destabilizing its Arab puppet regimes and launched two suicidal Islamophobic wars. The whirlwind that the US is about to reap will make Iraq and Afghanistan like a walk in the park. The US economy itself is headed for total collapse as the Saudi gas station is hit by riots and some very unhappy locals. US is surely headed for severe strife at home and around the world with China even upstaging its military power.

Rest assured, Iran has moved beyond the era of impotent "sanctions" and even more pathetic US bullying. An American paper tiger has been shred to pieces.

Anonymous said...

concur with anonymous LOL