Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tehran Police Review - Pictorial

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Bajaj 150 cc 4-stroke single police motorbikes

Motor officers clad in black leathers

Mercedes-Benz C 200 highway patrol cars

Honda highway patrol motorcycles

Iran Khodro Samand police cars

BMW R 11oo RT-P highway patrol motorcycle
(a personal favorite of the author's)

Mercedes-Benz C 200 police response cars. Note policemen issued with body armor.

Traffic speed camera in use by Tehran metro police

Mountain police equipped with Yamaha YFM400 4x4 ATVs

Mountain police issued with skiing equipment

Photos: Mohammad Hassanzadeh at Fars News Agency


Gifted one said...

with all the effort being undertaken to destroy Libya's air defences it exposes the lie of the oft-repeated comments asserting the inadequacy of Iranian air defence. Unless of course Libyas was far more advanced. It also shows that Israeli jets, f16s, 15s, would not survive a strike on Iran.

Anonymous said...

Caltrops might be useful against those motorbikes.


Anonymous said...

Yep..Gifted one..An American fighter jet went down today..The pentagon said it's caused by "mechanical problem"..Of course it was a "mechanical problem"!! How else are they gonna explain to their people that their fighter jet was actually shot down, thereby risking demoralizing their pilots.

No one know the exact number of missiles or how Iran's air defence network is..F16 and such will not survive a strike on Iran especially deep inside Iranian territory.

Ps: I like the police gear,tho.Cool!

Anonymous said...

Last anon 8:23,
Police are there to protect women and children from predators like you.

FU (guess what it means)

mat said...

The most modern and sophisticated Iran's police forces among all muslim nations in the world. Congratulation !

jimi said...

lol. engines are better than my country Mexico. can not do envargo to iran. honda does not have to do envargo to iran. Germany does not have to do envargo to iran. you sell your master you do not have to do envargo to iran. only that the Rulers of the United States says so. doing business with iran peaceful. is so peaceful. cars are not warlike. as they say in my own business is business. Greetings people of america.

Anonymous said...

Yes matt,
Specially the ones with leather outfit.
Look just like the Wafen SS. Very cool !

Anonymous said...

Nice girly bikes.

Anonymous said...

The Americans also lost a stealth bomber in Serbia; but won anyway. I would not have any illusions about air power of USA. It would be a mistake to do so. Iran may have excellent air defense against "normal" military including Israel.

However USA air power is vastly superior with a budget 100 times that of Iran. I hope it does not come to a fight. If it does it is not good.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian Mountain Police resembles very much the Swiss Montain Police.
They both have the same problem: High mountains covered with eternal snow and ice, harsh weather conditions, large areas with nearly no infrastructure like roads, settlements and so on.

Anonymous said...

to hell with them all