Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saudi Call to Arms

By Nader Uskowi

This week, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former longtime director of Saudi intelligence and former ambassador to Washington, who now heads the think-tank King Faisal Center for Research, called on Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states to transform GCC into an EU-type union, powerful enough after acquiring its own nuclear weapons to be at par with its regional rivals, Iran and Israel. Prince Turki’s comments should be taken seriously, as serious and thoughtful as he has always been.

There is nothing that prevents GCC from transforming itself into a unified entity similar to the European Union, Turki told a gathering of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research. He went on calling for establishing a joint army and acquiring nuclear weapons, particularly if Iran acquires its own. A nuclear future for the GCC is inevitable, he said [, 29 March].

"Wealth in the region is not sufficient to achieve stability and we ought to be effective regarding major international affairs and prevent others from dictating options on us," Prince Turki added.

The Call to Arms is now the new norm on both sides of the Persian Gulf.


Anonymous said...

The Iranians and Iraqis (both on the same side on this issue) aren't making military overtures in response to the Saudi and GCC military invasion of Bahrain. In fact, Iran doesn't even deploy its military for antiriot duties in Tehran.

The Sauds are insecure (rightfully so) and are publicly in a state of denial.

The Iranians, ever the soft power player, see the Bahrain situation as a galvanizer with Iraq. That's always a plus for Iran. And that's more than 5:1 in Shia to Sunni population around the Persian Gulf.

david hannaford said...

If the GCC formed a EU-like union then they could create a common currency like the euro and be free of the ever-shrinking $US. That would be a good idea.
Forming a NATO-like military union possessed of nuclear weapons is a very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

That is so bull...Why? He would never announce to equip itself with a nuclear weapon that obvious if he were serious about it. Israel will never allow him to have nuclear weapons. that is just a move to rise attention from his beloved USA. The Saudi family is soon over.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that the Saudis would announce openly to achieve nuclear weapons? No! That is just a move to rise tensions between the two states and to get attention from their beloved USA. By the way, either USA nor USA will allow them to have nuclear weapons! The Saudis are really a disgrace for the Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Uskowi you have should also report on Yemen . Houthi rebels are currently in control of Sadaa .

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap.

How on earth the Persian Gulf Corporation Council (PGCC, please add "Persian" Gulf there is no such thing as Gulf) whose members have not got technology to build a cycle and need to import everything from needle to cars.

These things do not grow on the tree. It has taken Iran 40 years to work on Nuclear cycle and the work is not complete it yet.

Sure These Arabs can pay to buy nuclear bombs as turn key solutions from a third party (US whoever). However, things in life is rarely that simple. The infra-structure to support and maintain these nuclear tools need to be available and that basically means getting the vendor (in this case say US) to provide the life cycle solution. It would be pretty easier if Arabs got guarantee security from US (as they currently have).

So in short that guy is talking cheap.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, talk is not cheap; especially when it comes from a former "Intelligence Chief" who happens to be a Prince. There is circumstantial evidence that $audis bought nukes from Pakistan during his watch. Since the silence from the US is deafening, it is safe to say the warning is well received in Washington. The Prince is bragging that they will no longer rely on the US for their safety in light of what happened to Mubarak! End of Story.

2Co (don't bH8ing)