Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Iran's preconditions for nuclear talks

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Iran's preconditions for nuclear talks requested by the Group 5+1 have been announced by President Ahmadinejad, and they are:

• The Group 5+1 are to formally declare their position regarding Israel's nuclear weapons.

• They are to declare they abide by the terms of the NPT as an international treaty.

• They need to clarify if their ultimate goal from the negotiation process is friendship or enmity with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There are two additional caveats added. The negotiation process will start in late August, and the group can be expanded to include others (likely Turkey and Brazil).

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Photo: Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

not much of a hurdle but west is still gonna stumble

Anonymous said...

Well, Anon, when your domestic political considerations require you to project a sense of arrogance, yes, reasonably sounding terms such as these can be an impediment.

Anonymous said...

Understanding Iranian mentality ..specially that of the post revolutionary understanding of life and politics, is half the rent as we claim to say.

The ideology is as follows;

What is right has to be pursued at all costs, because GOD will be behind you even if your "life" is lost on the way.

I have a feeling Iran is going after the "Shia" method of proving a point...and wheter you like it or not, they have always proven their points, maybe not immediately but later when it mattered.

Its just a thought, for the Virginia a.holes to consider (should they be able to anyway).

Anonymous said...

Anon, that's a hallmark of being Persian, irrespective of religion. My late father's lawsuits over the span of his life were proof of that, and he was a determined Iranian atheist, if ever there was one.

(Looking back, it sure cost the family a heap of money.)

So, yes, I'm well aware of the mentality!

Anonymous said...

Anon jan,

With religon I actually mean culture, which is intertwined with everything you and me and the rest of us all think and react when poked by a stronger dude/arse/country/bully or anybody who wants to push us off our way.

"We" know what we mean, but my/your and our problem is that those analysts who keep disinforming their bosses on Iran have (no) fault because they simply don't know Iran and Iranians.

Their source of information is some expat who hardley speaks Persian or hardley literate in Persian of has left Iran with the Shah or even before that.

I say God Bless Iran and I say let Karma play out its hand and I assure you God is on Irans side ;)

Besides, "tracert" all anti Iran homepages and blogs, you will be schocked to see them all based on Virgina Servers and on DOD servers from UTAH.

There are no opposition its all a show to justify a conflict to come.

Anonymous said...

Earlier in the week, I was approached by an analyst for a perspective on Iran's take on the sanctions. I tried to provide a semblance of this Persian mentality, but to an outsider it can really be unfathomable. Many times, it's taken as an affront to a Western accepted narrative or norm. Merging the concepts of a determined legalist position and the Islamic Republic of Iran is too much for them.

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments are accurate about the Iranian mentality, specially the Shia one, there is a great disconnect in US "intelligence understanding" of Iran and the actual internal political and religious dynamics. The so-called regime change option never was and has bit the dust, so US has to work out a modus vivendi with Iran on a broad range of issues including the nuclear one. US situation in west Asia is deteriorating by the day and Iran holds almost all the cards. A suicidal war against a huge nation like Iran, while the bankrupt imploding US economy is already being bled to death in Af-Pak is not really an option. Time to reel in the hollow threats and start serious negotiations as the regional power balance has alreday shifted in Iran's favour and even the Arabs of the Persian Gulf know it.

Kemjika said...

i support SHIA power.

Iran needs to decide if it wants the bomb or not. If they do, they might as well go full stream and get through all these sanctions and pressure. if they don't, then becoming more transparent so that the world can understand better. As i have said before Ahmadinejad is far from a moron; he is actually quite a truth teller. there are many things he has said that are backed up by international articles. examples- US clout decline in the ME, Israel being too weak to attack Iran, the US being desperate for an afghan pull out sooner or later. He has been right about all those..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kemjika, Iran needs to go ahead and test a nuclear weapon, since the "western" repercussions will be the same and negligible anyway, just look at North Korea, India and Pakistan. I think the US is pretty much resigned to the idea of a nuclear Iran and the little Zionist entity is impotent and full of huff and puff and not even worth considering in the military equation. I also agree that Dr. Ahmadinejad is the right man for Iran under these trying times. He may come across as combative but that is exactly what is needed.

US keeps guessing on Iran nuclear program

Analysts: US intelligence agencies struggle to nail down details of Iran's nuclear capabilities.

WASHINGTON - Crucial aspects of Iran's nuclear program remain a puzzle to the outside world, amid uncertainty about whether Tehran has begun building an atomic bomb, analysts said Monday.

On Sunday, the head of the CIA said Iran had enough uranium for two nuclear bombs, which could be ready to be launched in a weapon as early as 2012, a forecast experts said was in line with most outside assessments.

But spy chief Leon Panetta left open the key question of whether Iran had opted to begin assembling an atomic bomb, saying it was a matter of debate inside the regime.

"Nobody knows if Iran has taken this decision," said Sharon Squassoni of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

US and European intelligence agencies have struggled to nail down details of Iran's nuclear capabilities and plans.

The ambiguity has divided intelligence experts.

"It's a little tricky to predict when they may make a decision," Institute for Science and International Security chief David Albright said.


Anonymous said...

Iran does not need a bomb all we have to do is to be patient and wait for the Coalation forces to leave Iraq and Nato Leave Afghanistan .
just have a look at the Blast proof walls of British/US Embassy in Kabul/Baghdad and compare it with our modest Embassy there.

Its obviouse when they leave, the neighbourhood will be an independent block.
Coorperating on their mutual Interests
I think Turkey will align itself as well after all 70 years of Turkish pledge to become european has only brought them US congress recognition of the Armenian Massacre and European parliments concerns over Kurdish rights.

As Far as the Persian Gulf Arab states are concerned they have to reconsile with the new Realities sooner or later this will bring a bit of more freedom to their people KSA will have to ease its treatment of shia community there .

Finito la comedia game over for neocons.
We don't need a bomb!we need time and time is on Our side!
and there is nothing US can do about it!
I think Khomeini Said the same thing thirty years ago.

Anonymous said...

The embargo of Iran has nothing to do with nukes and everything to do with holding off Iran as an oil exporter so the west can use this oil later. Only China will use it, not us. This is due to our declining power.

We could nuke Iran and steal the oil outright but this might trigger WWIII. So the Pentagon itches to do this, the Zionists would love to do this but there is still a scant amount of fear of WWIII to cause our leaders to hesitate. They have been warned in person by the Chinese. Over and over again. This is the reason why Israel and the US are reduced to barking at Iran, sending ships there to menace Iran and squeezing Iran. China doesn’t mind all of this, all it does is drive Iran further into Chinese arms.

President Ahmadinejad is not dumb. The Persian empire is one of the world’s older imperial structures. The Persians are not Afghani peasants. They are well-educated and civilized and have been for thousands of years! And they can read the tea leaves: they know the west is going bankrupt. They know their own future, if they can play the game with China properly, will lead to greater, not less power and so they play the waiting game even when very angry. Time is on your side. Time is not on our side.

Anonymous said...


everybody please see the new tape on Shahram the kidnapped dude

Anonymous said...

Going nuclear is the easiest option and will make Iran into a second N-Korea or, worse, bombed-out Iraq and will discredit all efforts towards a "Solidarity of the South" (NAM, ALBA, Palestine, NPT havenots) of the past 30 years.
Now, considering that most NAM states profess their solidarity by mouth only and when it comes to deeds, even vote against Iran as Nigeria, Uganda, Bosnia and other virtually failed (and utterly bribable) states did recently, one might begin to wonder if this solidarity is worth the ever growing economic hardships and mounting isolation of the people of Iran.


Anonymous said...

To be honest,if i were Iran,i would withdraw already from NPT.

To me is very naive,to think Iran will improve its impossible partnership with the west,unless there is a political and mind change on the west on determinated issues: Islama as a rising religion for the world,policies about Israel,the righ of palestinians,afganistan,irak,ppersian gulf and oil,regional power.....

there is a lot of issues where Iran and the US clash,and i think compromise is impossible for both.

Iran will have to withdraw of NPT and get the power of nukes and military technologies.

At this stage,Iran must not to play with the survival of Iranian power and the bright future of iranians.

Anonymous said...

Iran is doing the right thing, keeping the ball low and not being allowed to be push into any reactionary modus operandi.

The Iranian Shia attitude and its extraordinary traditional world viewing has kept Iran swimming against the mainstream for a long time now and that has made Iran strong and stable.

Imagine any country with 10% of the Pressure that Iran endures on a daily basis... they would all have collapsed.

Bless Iran and rest assured GOD has always been with Iran.

(inofficially speaking : I would be very surprised if Iran hasn't got it already and would be even more surprised to have to acknowledge that the N.Korean Test was not also an Iranian test ;)...)

But those are all speculations and rumores ..think about it.. is that really that far fetched ??

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Ahmadinejad, all this Zionist/US hot air is just that, they are simply not going to launch a certain suicidal war. US economy is headed for a depression and the Zionists are a joke with 5 million imported cowardly warmongers who know they will be obliterated in a war of attrition against Iran that will become regional if not global. No war againt Iran will be less than a generation conflict and will be no holds barred.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ruled out the possibility of a military attack on Iran over its nuclear program, saying no country would dare to launch an offensive on the country.

In an interview with the Kyodo news agency, when asked about prospects for an Israeli attack on Iran, Ahmadinejad said, "No one dares to do so."

"Israel is on a course of decline. Moreover, Iran is a great country and was not established by occupying other countries' land or through terrorism, imprisonment, and killing. Iran has a 7,000-year-old civilization," Ahmadinejad said in the interview, according to a report posted on the Iranian Presidential Office's website on Wednesday.

"The United States, which is the master of the Zionists, does not dare to attack Iran, let alone a fake regime (Israel) whose existence is dubious," the Iranian president added.

Ahmadinejad also stated that new sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program will not compel the Islamic Republic to relinquish its rights.

"They assume that if they brandish a stick during negotiations, they can take advantage of Iran, but they should know that this will not happen," the Iranian president said.

Israel — the only entity in the Middle East that possesses nuclear weapons — has repeatedly voiced its determination to stop Iran's nuclear program, even through military means.

Tehran says its nuclear program is completely peaceful and has never been diverted to weapons production.

Anonymous said...

We have a very wise saying in Persian...
"an idiot throws a stone into the well, which 1000 wise men can not bring out"

Thats the problem if Israel decides to assassinate Ahmadinejad in Georgien... or sink a ship somewhere and blame it on Iran or kill someone in the USA and leave the trace to Iran or etc, etc etc.

We know how terror regimes (systems) function and believe it or not... Israel was, is and shall always be a terror state for everyone...

Like it or not (and I like jews)... World problems starts and ends with Israel.. solve them, then everything will be cool as of then.

A solution !!??... imagine a country called Israel-Palestina (like Bosnia-Hezegowina)and it has a Jewish President with an Arab PM...and Zionism like Nazism is illegal....rings a bell ??

Anonymous said...

See you have nothing to fear!
Iran has sent Syria a sophisticated radar system that could threaten Israel’s ability to launch a surprise attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities...

Charles Levinson, WSJ, Jul 1 2010

Anonymous said...

What makes you think Ahmadinejad is gonna be hit in Georgien ??

Anonymous said...

in an Orthodox country to have a hebrew speaking President is a bit creepy.
(Saakashville gave an interview in perfect Hebrew to the Israeli "IDF Radio" some years aback)

Funny he should on the one hand accomodate dozens of Israeli F16 and F15's and on the other hand insist on inviting Ahmadinejad and scraping Visa regulations for Iran.

I have a feeling they are waiting for him there.