Friday, June 25, 2010

New IRGCN Lieutenant Commander

IRGCN Lieutenant Commander AliReza Tangsiri
Photo: FARS News Agency

FARS News Agency is reporting that IRGC Commander Major General Ali Jafari has appointed General AliReza Tangsiri as a "Lieutenant Commander" of IRGC naval forces. In addition, Reza Torabi was introduced as the new IRGCN Commander of the 1st naval zone.

Judging by the report's accompanying photo (provided above), Tangsiri appears to be of the General rank directly below that of Brigadier General (Sartip Dovom), or the corresponding naval rank of Commodore (Daryadar Dovom). He is likely one of a number of Lieutenant Commanders in the IRGCN. (Not to be confused with the Western rank of Lieutenant Commander.)

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