Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IRGC Mobilized in Iranian Azerbaijan

IRGC has announced that it has mobilized its forces in the western border regions of Iran.

"The presence of US and Israeli forces along Iranian borders is the reason behind Iran's military movements in the region," Brig. General Mehdi Moini, commander of IRGC in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, told reporters on Tuesday [Press TV, 16 June].

Gen. Moini also accused the West of attempting to destabilize the western province under his command by inciting rebel groups.

"Through magnifying the ethnic, religious strife in the region and inciting terrorist groups, they seek to destabilize our province," he said.

The IRGC commander added that during recent clashes [presumably with rebel groups], no IRGC base has been overrun.

West Azarbaijan Province is located in northwest Iran. It shares border with Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


Anonymous said...

BBC has been very busy little bees in trying to initiate discord among Azeris and others.

Anonymous said...

curse the BBC Irans biggest enemy and by no means any news outlet

those who support and defend them (BBC) are either Zionists or Bahais

only after creating divisions to rule

like in India (Pakistan)
like in Ireland (Catholic-Protestant)
like in Iraq (Suni-Shia)

now they want to disintegrate Iran

dont let them in and dont listen to them ..they BBC are "EVIL"

Anonymous said...