Friday, June 11, 2010

Russia to Freeze Delivery of S-300 Missiles to Iran

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told France that Moscow will freeze the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran, the French Office of the President announced today [AFP, 11 June].


Anonymous said...

This was quite expected, the contract was signed in November 2005 by Mustafa Najjar for 6 batteries, Russians had been stalling since then with various excuses. The main reason was US/Zionist pressure.

The system is obsolete and compromised anyway since Greece (originally Cyprus) has been operating it since 1997 and the Zionists have examined its capability thoroughly. China even got its S-300 MU-2 in 2002. The Russians are now deploying the more advanced Almaz S-400.

However, it looked like the Iranian systems were to be made of platinum and gold studded with diamonds as it has taken over 5 years of Russian double-dealing, stalling and no delivery. They never had any intention of either delivering the S-300 or completeing Bushere. Iran really needs to examine its relations with Russia at all levels.

Anonymous said...

Russia knows Iran would have reverse engineered the system like the version of this

Anonymous said...

I agree that this Russian deal like the Bushehr reactor was a joke. However, what is sad to say (and more difficult to swallow) is that Iran has very little or no choice. When you are a captive customer then everything can happen to you. Russia knows that Iran has noone else to turn to. In the past 10-20 years Iran has had nobody for hih-tech except Russia. China has really nothing to offer Iran. China is a major customer of Russian arms herself. So when your hands are tied behind you back what options do you have?

The sad but realistic case is that if Iran tomorrow decided to cut all links with Russia, who else it can turn to? We have to be realistic in our views. Iran is far behind in technology and management, compared to Western countries (US, Germany or those that matter). It has taken Iran almost 40 years to build a local car called Samand so how long is it going to take Iran to build a serious commercial reactor or airplane on its own? It is not going to happen overnight. To think otherwise would be naive. Even Russian technology is crap compared to others. I think Iranian legislators should close the door of Iranian parliament, sit down and debate what options they have now and if their current confrontational policies serve the nation now.

Anonymous said...

The only rational option for Iran to guarantee its security is go nuclear. As all comments here agree to the fact that Iran's choices with Russia and China are very limited. Russian military technology is slightly more advanced than the Chinese, who are the masters of engineering and scientific "cut and paste" manufacturing with barely any original R&D.

I also agree that the policy makers and Majlis (parliament) in Iran really needs to take a sobering look at where Iran is heading and the options available in the current global climate. In 1998, dirt poor Pakistan which was internationally isolated, facing massive internal unrest and totally depenedent on foreign aid with an economy barely tenth the size of Iran, was able to conduct nuclear tests in Baluchistan and overnight became the darling of US and EU. Zolfighar Ali Bhutto had kept his promise that even if Pakistanis "need to eat grass" they will become a nuclear power, and they did indeed. Iran's economy is far more prosperous to "eat grass", so the economic threats to Iran's survival are far less than either Pakistan or North Korea ever faced.

North Korea is a similar story, since its has nukes it has carte blanche and immune from US threats of being "bombed", "invaded" or at the receiving end of "regime change". Iran is far more stable and prosperous than India, Pakistan or North Korea, so it can easliy formulate a rational and coherent national security doctrine and an economic policy whose cornerstone is a robust nuclear deterrent. For the last decade this never ending "nuclear file" creeping stifling sanctions, and the annual UNSC circus has moved beyond a joke. It is definately high time to just conduct a nuclear test and let the chips fall where they may, otherwise Iran will end up being a defenceless sitting duck in US/Zionist gunsights anyway ala Iraq. Time to be pro-active.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment 6:07 pm.

First be nuclear,and then wait for reactions,i don´t see the US doing nothing serious against nuclear Iran,more than sanctions,and in the same time Iran secures its interest.

Sanctions won´t be forever,business are business,and when the powers see it is possible to live with a nculear Iran,most of them won´t support sanctions anymore.

Tecnology must not to be a limit for iranian defence.Hizballah has not tecnology and managed to defend against Israel,and Iran is not HEzbollah,have more recurses,and more powerfull cards.

If Iran has the nuclear card,nobody would damage seriously Iran.

To me is absurd to continue under the TNP treaty.I am sure Iran will have to withdraw of this absurd treaty for iranians,soon.

Anonymous said...

I would love nothing more than to see Iran go nuclear and prove to the world that it can never be trusted, after that it will be isolated and made an even more miserable country. Iranians will continue weeping and wailing and screaming and blaming the British and the world will move on.

Anonymous said...

Ok to be completely fair an islamic theocracy going nuclear is the worst thing that can happen. But exactly because the world generally doesn't seem to care it needs to happen and a city or two nuked by terrorist. After that the entire islamic world can be isolated and bombed to the stone age, not just Iran.

Anonymous said...

How do you stay gag on and freeze "this" in Russian

Anonymous said...

This is what needs to said to the Russian backstabbers:

винт, который вы (vint, kotoryĭ vy)

Na kaleni, suka"

Anonymous said...

The russians are betting their money on a military conflict between Iran and Israel/USA/France

They (Russian) know their S300 is more a myth than some functioning and up to date system... and it would 100% fail if it is implemented and thus Russia will lose the 3 left customers and a lot of Reputation.

Iran is better off without them and better for them to ge ready for a conflict.. its coming and Iran shall prevail.. (after a few years that is)

Anonymous said...

Iran is not after the S300, they are after a certain Technik in that S-300 which will help Irans industry immensly.