Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Israel Launches Spy Satellite Over Iran

Israel launched a military spy satellite today to monitor Iran and its nuclear program. The Ofek 9, which the Israeli Defense Ministry said was launched from the Palmachim air force base south of Tel Aviv, will join three other Israeli spy satellites already in space. Israeli media reports said the satellite's high-resolution cameras would enable Israel to keep a closer eye on Iran. Israel has expressed concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, although the country is the region’s only nuclear power.

News Source: Reuters

Ofek means Horizon in Hebrew.


Anonymous said...

Same old mistake of considering Iranians to be and react like Arabs.

Iranians dont pabnic on such news, because Iranians know 90% of Israel is a myth and propaganda.

As a saying goes in Brazil, the louder the sound (Fart) the less it smells ;)(applies very much to Israel)

James Walden said...

The difference with Israel, and all the rest, Iran, Syeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, Eithobia, Lybia,and other Arab countries, Israel has The Arch Angle Michael, who has already deveated Satan in a One-on-one, along with Jehvoiah God protecting Israel. See Psalams 110 representing 2010 and Ezkiel 38 and 39, God wins and all enemenies of Israel die.

Anonymous said...

Israel has never lost a war. The land was give by almighety God as a title deed to Abraham, Issiac, Jacob, and defended by Arch Angle Michael who not only deveated Luficer but took his jewel off his robe. Ezekiel 30 predicks Egypt will Have dried up water and bitter soil. Isiah 17 says Damacus Will only walk on by cows after Gods Judgement on Seryia and Ezekial 38 & 39 says God is a bird Feeder for The boidies left on the Gog & Magog War. A 2 Billion Christians will go to Heavan in the next 90 Days. The Anti- Christ wil sign a Peace treaty with Isreal when the dust clears and the new temple will be built on the Holy Moutain quickly since Complete Plans are already approved by the Restoration Temple Ministry and all elments and furniture are ready with the known location of the Arc of The Covant. So all Christians Keep Looking Up!