Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Major Powers Reject Tehran Agreement

The major powers of the so-called Vienna Group-- the US, Russia and France, today dismissed the Iranian proposal to swap 1,200kg of its low enriched uranium (LEU) for higher enriched reactor fuel. The Iranian proposal was based on the agreement reached in Tehran between Iran, Brazil and Turkey, the so-called Tehran Agreement. The three major powers said that unlike the original plan drawn up eight months ago, the new swap proposal would leave Iran with enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon. They also raised objections to a series of questions within the Iranian proposal that would in effect stall any negotiations on the key issues involving the Iranian nuclear program.

The IAEA confirmed receipt of the three-nation response and said it would pass it to Tehran.

The UN Security Council is in session now, and it is expected to pass a new sanctions resolution against Iran.


Anonymous said...

The self-appointed "international community" is pushing Iran into a corner, while ignoring the diplomatic efforts of rising powers like Turkey and Brazil. The Zionist media has once again been successful in diverting attention from Gaza to the Iranian bogeyman. The simple fact is that the Zionist entity wants a divided and weakened region so they can maintain their oppression and occupation of Palestine. Iran is an obstacle to their hegemony and no matter how peaceful Iran is or its intentions, the Zionsits who control US policy will simply find another excuse. This is a NO BRAINER. However, the regional winds are not in either Zionism's or in US favor as the geo-political tectonic plates shift further radicalizing an already tense population who now have access to a variety of real-time information sources. By pushing Iran, the US is hastening its own demise.

Anonymous said...

No rejection, they had questions.. and demands that are irrational and like children they have to be talked to.

Past embargos have proven to be in Irans long term interest and this embargo is no different, Iran was weak then but strong now, mainly due to hasty embargos,, as if Iran would breake to such stuff.. lol

Anonymous said...

it is better iran go in 4 run of section and dramaticaly increase it inreachment and proved better political front in the world also much increas the political and ecconomy of turkey and brezil for unification of latin amirica and turkey to eu influance to maintain total control of world energy this is the next step iran will be push to creat the us and speciality israel in short time to face shortage to gain the strong grond two main power in the area would be jointly in short time one would be the interest of india and pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Why Iran continues working with the AIEA chief? please,anybody can explain me that.