Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iran to Announce Nuclear Advancement

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization announced today that it will unveil nuclear achievements at its research reactor in Tehran. Last February, the agency had announced that it had started enriching uranium to 20 percent purity to fuel the reactor.

On 16 May, Iran signed an agreement with Turkey and Brazil to swap its low enriched uranium for the 20 percent fuel needed for its research reactor. It was not clear if the expected announcement would confirm that Iran has produced enough fuel on its own to run its reactor.

UPDATE: Iran’s atomic energy chief says Iran will begin construction of a new uranium enrichment plant by March of next year.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Iran, keep up the excellent work your citizens are achieving. You will be an inspiration for all the developing world as far as technology harnessing is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world are we going to get all the uranium we need to feed to these plants (especially with one sanction after another!)? Iran's entire uranium reserves are barely enough to power Bushehr for five years!