Friday, June 25, 2010

IRGC Deputy Commander stresses naval readiness

FARS News Agency is reporting that a senior commander in the IRGC is on the record for stressing naval readiness to the "highest state possible" during his address at the 17th annual meeting of select IRGCN personnel at Bandar Abbas.

"The Navy is the military basis of our defensive strategy in the region [Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman]" declared IRGC Deputy Commander General Hossein Salami.

Pointing to the significance of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in supplying global energy demands, and the presence of the foreign forces in the region, Salami stated: "The adversary [USA] has an extensive operational strategy in this region that is considered fundamental to its overall military-security. The adversary has changed its position from a strategic [passive defense] to operational [active offense] orientation. In such a context, naval forces have become an indispensable part of our strategy in the region."


Anonymous said...

starting June 6th of this year, the Israeli airforce ran joint military drills with the USS Truman carrier fleet off the coast of Israel. They were training in bombing runs and air to air combat.
They called it Juniper Stallion.
“But first, from June 6 through June 10, the USS Harry S. Truman carrier Strike Group was deployed 50 miles of the shore of southwestern Israel, secretly drilling the interception of incoming Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah missiles and rockets against US and Israeli targets in the Middle East.”
“For five days and night, the Truman’s sixty F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter bombers took off on simulated bombing missions against targets set up by the Israeli Air Force at its firing range on the Nevatim Base-28, in the Negev desert southeast of Be’er Sheva – one of its three big air bases.”
“The exercise had 60 American F-16 fighter jets landing at Israeli Air Force facilities from bases in Germany and Romania, refueling and taking off with Israeli fighter bombers to practice long-range bombing missions over the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and drill air-to-air combat along the way”
notice they were running the training ops WITH “Israeli fighter bombers” practicing long range bombing missions.
Then they packed up and headed through the Suez Canal to rech the Persian Gulf on June the 18th.
The Israeli planes, the “long range bombers” simply landed on the Truman during and after the training ops.
It looks to me like we are not only going to give them a ride to a location in the Persian Gulf where they can launch their attack against iran, but it would appear that we are also going to give them a fighter escort.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me,it is all bluffing.

Neither Israel nor the US,dares to attack Iran.

To me it is simply,they cannot do it.Iran is not Irak or Afganistan.

They only try to make psycologyc games with Iran.But it will fail again.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Israeli strike fighters are not set up, nor are their pilots trained to land on a USN aircraft carrier.

I doubt very much the US Military would tolerate such a supportive role in a combat engagement. And it makes little sense, politically, as well.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Sufa F-16I will need at least 4 KC-145 tankers even for a 24 aircraft strike package on even one Iranian facility, et alone over 200 highly dispersed and fortified ones. They simply don't have the capability as Iran monitors every single Zionist movements out of all the 14 active Zionist airbases, the largest being Ramon in the Negev, close to Dimona.

Iranian BVR Kolchuga and ELINT montitoring stations at Mount Hermon in Lebanon and Kilib and Al-Hasakah in Syria would easily detect any mass air movement within real-time. Turkish airspace is now also hostile to the Zionists so that avenue is also closed. Most of these Debka type moronic false reports are part of infantile propaganda.

The simple military fact is that the Zionist entity will be obliterated if it gets carried away by its own propaganda. Shahabs and Sejils will land on their heads even bore the dust settles.

Iran is not Iraq and all grown-ups know that fact. There is less than ZERO chance of any "air-strike" or military misadventure against Iran by even US or its little poodle. The real problem for the US is now Af-Pak where the resistance has MANPADS and is shooting down US aircraft at a rapid rate. A Chinook was just downed in Kunar province near Khost just today. Second one in four days.

Anonymous said...

If and I say if an attck on Iran happens it is more likely that the airplanes will take of via Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s far too influential Jewish community is Israel’s ticket to keep Azerbaijan’s secularist rulers from establishing closer links with Tehran. Azerbaijan maintains intelligence and security contacts with the Zionist. Since Azerbaijan borders Iran and two-thirds of world’s Azeri population live in Iran (18% of the Iranian population), who could be exploited as Balochis and Pakhtuns are in Pakistan, posing a major threat to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Azerbaijan is indeed under Zionist sway. They have the largest MOSSAD office in Baku and the Jewish community there has penetrated every institution. Also the US controls all the major military airbases in Azerbaijan. They recently transfered more aircraft and special ops forces there.

There is a factual report on Globalresearch site:

"Helping coordinate the attack are intelligence units forward stationed in Azerbaijan, under the guise of technicians, trainers and advisors under the broad armaments agreements with that small nation".

Without the ability to use forward bases in either Georgia, Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, Israel would be unable to attack Iran at all except by flying a circuitous 4500 mile “each way” route or using the limited capabilities of its nuclear armed submarine off the coast of Iran. It is uncertain how Turkey will deal with the illegal use of their airspace by Israel as relations are already at a low ebb.