Monday, June 28, 2010

Total ends fuel sale to Iran

The French energy company Total has stopped supplying fuel supplies to Iran, Total only makes up for a small amount of fuel deliveries to the Islamic Republic.

This has come as a result of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States, these sanctions aim to stop international companies such as Total from supplying Iran with petroleum products or investing in her oil and gas industries by preventing them from then trading in the US.

However these measures are not part of the all round sanctions approved by the UN to which China and Russia have objected.

Spain's Repsol has also pulled out of a contract to develop the South Pars gas field.

Even with its huge petroleum reserves Iran still relies on petroleum imports for 30-40% of its petrol requirements.


Anonymous said...

it was stopped about 3 times before yet started because of contractual issues... now the contract has run out and no other reason...

but we know the western media and how it reflects issues loool

Anonymous said...

Iran should start manipulating the Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese Market for Total. Stopping the flow of petrol into Pakistan and Afghanistan for the French divisions would also be help to retaliate.

As Iran has started to put obstacles on the way of Russian Firms in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Iran is well to the way to self-sufficiency in POL and this is a strategically good for Iran. The pathetic French economy is in a depression anyway with 20% unemployment and their pro-Zionist suicidal policies at a time of global power shift are not very astute. Sarkozy has turned France into a third-rate irrelevancy.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why Iran hasn't become self-sufficient with respect to refining capacity.

It would seem that is should be the country's #1 priority.

Anonymous said...

to the last Anon,

I believe the problem is the large and uncontrolled consumption and Smuggeling, generated through the subsidies in Irans economy.

If brougt under controll Iran will not have any shortages. Pakistan and Iraqi Kurdistan will, even massive shortages in Afghanistan but Iran is not a problem.

Other words, Irans consumption rate growth has exceeded its production capacity growth.

if u know what i mean