Monday, June 7, 2010

Iran Military Reportedly Crossing Kurdish Border- Iraqis Protest

The Iraqi government today said it has protested to Iran over shelling and “improper use of force” in Iraqi Kurdistan. Iranian troops have been reportedly shelling the region for at least 12 days in pursuit of Iranian Kurdish rebels of PJAK.

Lt. Saleh Ahmed, a spokesman for Kurish security forces, Peshmerga, said Iranian troops with artillery and tanks crossed the Iraqi borer into the country’s Kurdish region last Thursday and began building an outpost and a road leading back to Iranian side of the border [AP, 7 June].

Deputy Iraqi Foreign Minister Labeed Abawi told The Associated Press he summoned the Iranian ambassador to complain about shelling in the Kurdish region.

The Iranian authorities and the country’s media have been silent on the situation.


Anonymous said...

Using US diplomatic muscle, Israel has managed to squelch most international condemnation of various crimes, large and small. This is a very simple process: the US has immense trade disadvantages with everyone on earth and to preserve these, they make this cynical trade off, or rather, the AIPAC people trade their trade deficit with everyone for them giving Israel a green light to commit international crimes. This trade off is extremely bad for the US but no one seems to see the connection between ‘free trade’ and the US trade deficit giving Israel immense international bargaining advantages. So ask yourself how much more debt has the AIPAC loaded on the US citizens to pass this stupid resolution, what will Lebanon do? Abstain for fiat dollars!

Nader Uskowi said...


What does you comment have to do with the post on Iranian military shelling of Kurdish villages? Am I missing something?