Sunday, June 6, 2010

Prevention of Khomeini’s Speech Orchestrated by Ahmadinejad- Tehran Deputy

Yesterday, during a government-sponsored memorial service marking the twenty-first death anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini, the invited crowd prevented Khomeini’s grandson, Seyed Hassan Khomeini, to make a scheduled speech honoring his grandfather’s contribution to the Islamic Revolution. The controversial action by the crowd, believed to be orchestrated by the office of the Iranian president, has brought sharp criticism within the high-ranking echelons of the Islamic Republic.

Dr. Ali Mottahari, Tehran’s deputy in Majlis, the Iranian parliament, today was the latest dignitary to express shock and dismay at government organizers.

“On a day that promoting the national unity should have been the main agenda of the ceremony, they followed a policy of divisiveness; this was not in the best interest of the nation,” said Mottahari [Tabnak, 6 June].

“The tragic event (preventing Hassan Khomeini from speaking) was pre-planned and the esteemed President (Ahmadinejad) personally had orchestrated it,” said Mottahari.

“The president’s own speech (during the ceremony) also was not geared toward promoting the national unity, and was as divisive,” Mottahari added.


Anonymous said...

More speculations than facts,The Khomeini grandson has no political role, nor is he elected by anyone, his opinions should not play a role whatsoever....

Now somebody tell me, to what lead of the Greens are we to dance to ?? as we so eloquently say in persian ... ?

Those torching buses and banks, had no, and have no affections lost for the Khomeini grandson in the first place... so gimme a breake and stop making an artificial outcry.

Nobody was interested to hear his opinions anyway. He was there because of his Grandfather and since we are not a monarchy, then his presence above that was irrelevant.

Alborz said...

The low-class Iranian donot have any good democratic culture.
They are laud and respectless and stupid.

respect the grand son of Khomeini and hear to him.

Anonymous said...

The doorman of Jamaran was prevented from talking at a wedding... wow lets call the western press and claim dictatorship.

sit on it dude, Khomeini Grandson is a nobaody, he is only respected for his genes. But I suppose hanging on to everything and everyone to make the impression of an imminent social (British sponsored) diarreha must be there to keep everyone on their toes.

As if it changes anything, only that Irans name becomes the "Chewing-Gum" of world leaders in pusghing for sanctions to starve the populations.

Shame on anyone who plays this anti Iranian game and hides behind himan right claims and political claims which are actually "assylum aspirations" in the west.