Thursday, June 10, 2010

President Ahmadinejad in China

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Shanghai today to attend Iran's National Day ceremonies at the Shanghai Expo 2010. The visit has been overshadowed by Chinese vote at the UNSC in favor of imposing new sanctions against Iran.

Director of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi severely criticized China over its yes vote, saying it was an indication that the West was "holding dominion" over the Beijing government [Press TV, 10 June].


Anonymous said...

I believe China has proved unreliable to Iran and most of its "friends". China is economically and commercially tied to US and the west and will only look at its commercial interest, not geo-strategic goals including the "reunification" with Taiwan. The irrationality of Chinese foreign policy is quite evident in Pakistan, where it has been supporting a failed state just to ingratiate itself with US agenda in the region. China's about-face and attack on Vietnam (its supposed one time ally) in 1979 should be a good lesson for any serious observer of Chinese realpolitik.

Iranian naive diplomacy of putting all cards in the China basket has been a failure, even a bigger mistake than its "frienship" with Russia. In the new Asia centric power shift, nations have to excel at diplomatic juggling acts in an increasingly multi-polar world where even big powers are not omnipotent and have competing interest. Turkey's switch from total focus on EU and NATO to a more balanced eastern oriented policy is a vivid example of changing geo-strategic situation. Despite, all its claims, Iran is militarily weak, its airforce has not had any modern aircraft since the 90's (2 dozen MIG 29's and a few SU24), its land forces are obsolete and the navy, barely a coast guard. The only deterrent is the missile and rocket forces and the capability for prolonged asymmetrical warfare. China has not really supplied Iran with any modern weapons systems, even like the J-10 and J11 fighters or naval ships.

Iran's is being squeezed by the US and its puppets, the only rational option for Iran is to go nuclear and conduct a test. Even far more economically deprived nations like North Korea and Pakistan have bought themselves security by becoming nuclear armed nations. Unfortunately, in the new law of the jungle world only strength counts. For example, North Korea attacks and sinks a South Korean naval vessel and kills 46 sailors and not a peep out of the "international community", while the Zionists who have 200 nukes, attack and kill a dozen unarmed PEACE ACTIVISTS on high seas and get away with murder and piracy, while Iran which has followed all the rules gets penalized and "sanctioned". The moral of this story is quite simple: HAVE NUKES and NO ONE WILL BOTHER YOU.

Anonymous said...

China made a dirty deal with the US: the US would shut up about the yuan and China would vote with the US for this all-important Iran deal. Unfortunately this is the true nature of politics!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. China's exports, mostly to the US went up by 48.5% and they also announced a slow upwards re-evaluation of the Yuan s US has ben pressuring them. Iran should not be naive, Chinese are even bigger mercantile focused people than the Jews. Money only matters to the Chinese, they are totally unprincipled.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what we will say tomorrow about the Turks and Brazilians and this and that nationality, when they start acting in their own national interests even when it does not coincide with ours.

It's time to get our own house in order.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiment that Iran cannot go like this. In that part of the world what matters is one's strength and it is imparative for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. You cannot attack a country that possess nuclear weapons. If Iraq had nuclear weapons, would anybody have attacked it?

BTW China has nothing modern to offer Iran. Its technology is not sophisticated enough to be of serious use and neither its arms. At this juncture I guess Iran should collaborate with reasonably developed and friendly countries like, Brazil, Noth Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and possibly South Africa to jointly build high tech stuff including defencive material. Unfortunately Iran's chices are severely limited.

Anonymous said...

" You cannot attack a country that possess nuclear weapons".


Tell that to Israel (vs. Hezbollah), or Russia (vs. Georgia). Nuclear weapons will make Iran a target. What are we going to do with two or three (or 10 or 20) nukes when the other side can pulverize us with hundreds or thousands?

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah with Israel was more of a skirmish or hit and hide in population centres. Israel did not need to use Nukes because it managed to do what it wanted to do with conventional weapons (destroyinf Labanon's infra-structure). With regard to Russia-Georgia, Russia has nuclear weapons and Georgians did not. Again the survival of Russia was not at stake. Nukes are there for strategic deterrent. And the meaning of attack by another is more than throwing few missiles across the borders.

Anonymous said...

Nukes is the most important thing for a country.

Israel is an exception,but we only have to see North Korea and japanesse scenarios....The US used nukes to win over Japan.This is the reality.

Iran is not Georgia,not even Hizballah,Iran with nukes can a be a superpower,and gain a great field of influence,at least in middleast.

If nukes are not so important,why the US doesn´t want a nuclear Iran?

They fear a nuclear Iran,and the reason are obvious to anybody who has a mind.

Iran must rethink its absurd position with under the NPT.

Anonymous said...

"If nukes are not so important,why the US doesn´t want a nuclear Iran?"

Seems like the US doesn't care about Iran's enriched uranium. Keep it in Iran, that's what they're saying. The question is why? The answer is that perhaps some people in DC still need a boogeyman figure in Tehran (and of course we are not bad in acting like one every now and then either).