Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iran Will Not Withdraw From NPT

Speaker of Iranian Majlis Ali Larijani said in Tehran today that Iran will not withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) Treaty, despite new sanctions imposed against the country.

"The western countries' reactions should not make us angry and cause our withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)," Larijani said [Mehr News Agency, 17 June].

"I think we should not withdraw from the IAEA or the NPT. We must provide the grounds for implementing the rules by strengthening them instead," Larijani added.

Reacting to the news that European leaders had agreed to impose new sanctions on Iran, Larijani said the Europeans should realize that these measures “will have no effect on Iran's nuclear stance.”


Mark Pyruz said...

A mature political response by the Iranians. They'll neither be intimidated nor compelled to act impetuously.

Nader Uskowi said...

Agreed. Leaving NPT would have been counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

why? i cannot understand it.

why withdrawing NPT is bad for Iran? I cannot understand.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the first two comments. Leaving NPT is not a mature act. Iran is a responsible member of International Community. Withdrawing from NPT is exactly what the US and Israel want. If Iran left NPT there would be no difference between Iran and Israel or for that matter Pakistan or India.

Nader Uskowi said...

Iran's supreme leader has declared on a number of occasions that Iran is not after building the bomb, and that the production of the bomb is un-Islamic, prohibited (haraam). If the country is not planning to build the bomb, then there are absolutely no reasons to leave NPT; and remaining in it will give Iran leverage and moral authority in opposition to nuclear weapons in the region, including Israel's.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure it matters or anyone outside of Iran really cares if the leader or president of Iran forbids nuclear weapons.

NPT itself is very objective. At one side you have those with nuclear weapons (US, UK, Russia etc) who are members of NPT and are telling others to stop developing nuclear weapons.

I differ from other perceived views in that I believe nuclear weapons are essential to Iran's survival. Case in point if Iraq possesed Nuclear weapons would she be invaded. Why North Korea can get away with everything without fear? From a strategic point of view Iran needs to have inland based nuclear deterrent and more importantly submarine launched nuclear capability. Will Iran be more agressive with nuclear weapons/ Somehow I do not think so. On the contrary it will add a degree of feel safe and security to Iran.

The same arguments can be applied to Iran's missile forces. THe shahab and other missiles are currently the backbone of Iran's strategic deterrent. Israel is painfully aware of the devastation that a salvo of Shahabs will cause in that little desert country.

The fact is whether it is missiles or nuclear weapons, the West in general and USA in particular will not stop their negative propagenda against Iran whatever Iran does. If it is not EU enrichment, then there will be another silly technicality. Iran really needs to put the cards on the table. In no uncerain term, Iran has to tell others that its energy needs are different from its legitimate defence needs. There may well be a place for nuclear weapons in Iran's defence doctorine. However, that has not been decided yet. The West has to swallow its pride and leave with nuclear Iran. If Arab countries decide that nuclear weapons are good for them (including Turkey as well), then that is their issue. The fact is that for 40-50 years Israel has had nuclear weapons and not a single Arab country has got anywhere near Iran's advancement in nuclear technology. If they could develop it, they would have done it by now.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 6:10,

Unless you are the supreme leader, your preference of having nuclear weapon does not count, or better or worse. The official Iranian policy as well as its ideological stand is no nukes. Leaving NPT doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

"Unless you are the supreme leader, your preference of having nuclear weapon does not count, or better or worse."

We are not talking about an invidual. We are talking about a nation of 70 millions. Iranian policy is pragmatic (i.e. it changes as it fits her staregiic desires). There are countries who have nuclear weapons and are members of NPT!