Friday, May 23, 2008

Saeqeh in action Pt. 2

Several examples of the Saeqeh participated at the 2008 Military Day in Tehran.


Anonymous said...

Mark, Nader,

What's your take on the Iranian-Syrian relationship to the degree of how strong their alliance is? Do you think Iran will make a pitch to Syria to pull back from negotiations with Israel? If you read anything about the potential for this and what it might entail in the Iranian press or anywhere please pass along.

Joseph Sixpack said...

I'm glad someone else asked a question first - I was waiting for an entry about one of these topics, but I will follow now that jeff has taken the lead. I have two other questions, if you have the time...

1) What do you make of speculation that the leader of the PKK has now taken refuge in Iran and may be developing closer ties with PJAK? Related to the Shiraz mosque bombing?

2) Do you think there is any relation to the recent upsurge of violence in Nimroz, Afghanistan and the Baloch insurgencies in Iran and Pakistan (PRMI/Jundallah, etc)?

Mark Pyruz said...

I haven't seen anything different in the Iranian press than Western MSM (see today's Press TV at However, the Jewish Press has the following to offer. Keep in mind it offers no real sources and there are irregularities, such as the fact that Press TV has already produced four items on the story.

From Jewish Telegraphic Agency NY:

Iran's leadership reportedly is "in shock" at news of renewed Israeli-Syrian talks.

Israeli radio stations, quoting Arab media, reported on Friday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was "stunned" and "furious" at this week's news of renewed talks, mediated by Turkey.

Ahmadinejad regards the talks as a "breach" of Iranian-Syrian commitments, the reports said, and Iranian authorities have instructed Iranian media not to report the news about Israel and Syria until Iran prepares a statement. Other media also have noted Iran's silence on the matter.

Israel's main goal in the talks is to peel Syria away from Iranian influence, shutting down a critical supply line to Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group that still poses a threat to Israel's north. Syria and Israel plan to resume talks in Istanbul in the next week or so, officials in Turkey and Israel said.

Mark Pyruz said...


1) I believe you're referring to the report of Cemil Bayik crossing into Iran. This may be an internal matter for the Kurds, and/or the defenses in Iran are now deemed superior to those facing the Turkish border. There are also reports of Turkish/Iranian cooperation against the Kurds.


The Shiraz bombing has been blamed in the Iranian press on the MEK and the Monarchist cause. They've also pointed to US/UK involvement.

2) Sorry Joseph, I don't have anything much to contribute on the Baluch resistance in Iran. I do know that an influential Baluch leader on the Iranian side recently came out and declared he was Iranian. Maybe Nader has more on this.

Mark Pyruz said...

I should give you the URL for that JTA report:

Mark Pyruz said...


Jundullah leader, Rigi is the leader that came out and declared himself Iranian, and denied that his goal was to form a separate Baluchistan. Rather his goal is to improve conditions for ethnic Baluchis.

Mark Pyruz said...

Professor Farhi just uploaded a piece on the Shiraz bombing:

Anonymous said...

Why post nonsense drivel on a website that shows the IRIAF and its achievements? People who could not even find Iran on an illuminated map should not be posting Zionist contrived wishful thinking on Iran or question its stability.

The OBVIOUS fact is that Iran is a large, powerful, resourceful and highly civilized ancient nation with an illustrious history and remarkable national achievements, despite all failed efforts of its enemies and detractors, it remains an island of stability,unity and independence in a very troubled region. Most the regional conflicts and destabilization are thanks to US interference, warmongering and destabilization efforts from Lebanon to Pakistan which have resulted in US going financially bankrupt, economically imploding and militarily defeated and exposed.

The Iranian regime and the solid Islamic Republic is stable, popular and quite capable of handing any threats, hence the 30 year old Zionist and US empty threats have only made Iran more seld-sufficient and confident. A few ignorant Saudi and Zionist supported Wahabbi terrorists operating from imploding poverty stricken Pakistan are hardly going to destabilize an ancient powerful nation like Iran.

The days that Iran could be "intimidated" by third rate bankrupt basketcases are long gone. GET USED TO THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR CAPABLE SUPERPOWER which only adds to global stability and security. Iran's influence in the region and the world is only destined to increase in the new multi-polar strategic equation and the Asia centric world balance of power with China at the helm.