Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iran Open Source Reading List Three

This week's reading list provides perspectives on Iran that include the war in Iraq, terrorism inside Iran and the positioning of the US Fleet for possible War in Iran. Greg Bruno provides a roundup of the war of words taking place between the US and Iran over Iraq, including charges that Iran is equipping and training Shia militias. Carah Ong takes note of the recent disclosure of terrorism inside Iran and asks the question: "Has the war already started?" And Galrahn provides a summary of events related to the US Navy and the Persian Gulf, past present and future, as possible signs of an impending war with Iran.

A War of Words with Iran by Greg Bruno
Council of Foreign Relations

Has the War Already Started? by Carah Ong
Iran Nuclear Watch

The Fleet Positions Itself For War by Galrahn
Information Dissemination

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