Monday, May 26, 2008

Defense Industry of Iran Documentary


mo said...

Hi Mark,
Do you ever wonder how stupid and emasculated the Saudis feel when they spend billions buying western arms and see what Iran with half the resources has managed.

If only half the Arab world had the guts, the self-respect and honor that Iran, Hizballah and Hamas have shown, the world would be very different today.

Mark Pyruz said...

Hi Mo,
Welcome to Uskowi on Iran.

Iran's defense industry has grown not necessarily from choice, but from out of necessity. The Imposed War and the alignment of so many powerful countries against Iran forced its defense into a position of self-sufficiency, which has carried over to this very day.

mo said...

Yes but boy did they take that necessity and run with it. Its so impressive that when Nasrallah promised Israel a "surprise", I half expect him to launch a squadron of the HESA Saeqeh!!

Joseph Sixpack said...

I would assert that the strength of Iran's military - again, in comparison to Saudi Arabia - is not in the technology or types of weapons, but in the quality and dedication of their troops. Maybe I sound like a bigot, but my impression of the Saudis is that their troops are lazy and disinterested in comparison to their Iranian counterparts. The Saudis may have neat, high-tech weaponry and aircraft, but who will be employing that hardware if most of the citizens regard soldiering as an undesirable line of work?

Mark/Nader - Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding of Iran's collection of equipment is that the logistics tail required to keep it running is immense and inherently inefficient because much of it is piecemealed from western, Chinese, and Russian stock, meaning that few, if any, parts are interchangeable, they may use different types of measurement units, may be labeled in several languages, and may not even have spare parts that are readily available without being locally fabricated.

My impression is that much of the weaponry is more show than force but that the men behind the equipment are the real force to be reckoned with. In the US military, the SOF community has four truths that it exalts, and the first one is: "Humans are more important than hardware." That is why I have long been scratching my head over our sales of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. You could not pay me to fly in an F-16 maintained by the Saudi military. I would be afraid of the engine failing and having to eject with a parachute that does not deploy properly.

Mark Pyruz said...

You're right to point out some of the logistical drawbacks, Joseph.

In some ways, Iran's drive for a self-sufficient defense is reminiscent of Israel a few decades past. They built their own rifles and warplanes back then, too, and created a profitable arms industry for themselves. The Iranians have adopted similar policies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Iran is really capable of defending herself..
Now i know why the US and it's allies should'nt mess with Iran..
but i still hope that Iran should only use this technologies and weapon to defend herself and not to start world war 3

Unknown said...

This is a response to Anonymous and also Joseph. As an American Iranian who lives in US and has feeling for both countries, what I am hearing from these Videos is that the Iranian policy is build up to prevent any premeditated attack on Iran. This point has been emphasized over and over by Iran officials(including several times by announcers on these videos and in one video that has Ahmadinejad). Also Iranian official have always have said that Iran had not attack any nation in the last 250 years. Even in regard to Israel, that has been seen as an illegal occupying force in Palestine, the very same Ahamadinejad said in an interview in NY that if the Palestinian people and Israel came to some resolution regarding their conflict and ended hostility, then Iran respect such resolution and would go along (I saw that in Utube).
Further, In response to Joseph bringing the issue of support and Logistic capability of Iranian Army, watching these videos and being familiar with Geography of Iran, It seems to me that issue has been taken cared off as well. Finally lets all pray for the world peace and finishing of all madness in our world so we can cocreate a better world and evolve as human being.