Monday, May 5, 2008

Iran Suspends Talks with US

Iran said today it will not hold a new round of talks with the US on Iraqi security until the US forces [and presumably the Iraqi government forces] end their attacks on Mahdi Army.

“Talks with the US under present circumstances would not be fruitful,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters in Tehran [Fars News Agency].

Hosseini’s comments today are the first official confirmation of Iran’s decision to suspend talks with the US on Iraq.


Joseph Sixpack said...

Smart move by Iran. They know that we're not going to relent in our attacks upon Sadr's militia.

I hope that we take advantage of this move by Iran by offering them some absurd concessions, enabling us to either call their bluff or to make absolutely clear that they will stop at nothing to continue with their illegal nuclear weapons development program.

Winston said...

Mullahs are sad that their people are getting killed by US troops. They should remain sad for a long time to come now, hopefully.