Thursday, May 1, 2008

USS Harry Truman Leaves the Persian Gulf

Harry Truman Strike Group, headed by USS Harry S. Truman, left the Persian Gulf today after it was replaced by Abraham Lincoln Strike Group. The move eased tensions in the region caused by a Pentagon decision to keep both carriers as a “reminder” to Iran. The two carriers were together in Persian Gulf for only one day.

US carrier strike groups have enormous air and sea power, each capable of launching some 50 F-18 fighters and more than 30 electronic warfare aircraft, attack helicopters and support aircraft. A strike group also comprises of more than 10 destroyers, frigates and support ships in addition to the carrier, with cruise missiles, guided missiles and all sort of anti-air, anti-submarine and strike capabilities. Having two carrier groups in the Gulf would have created an enormous fire power.

CBS had reported on Tuesday that the Pentagon had decided to keep two carrier groups in the Persian Gulf and had ordered military commanders to develop new options for attacking IRGC targets, presumably inside and/or near Iraqi border. The report had cited Iran’s “increasing hostile role” in Iraq as the reason behind the planning.

The Pentagon’s move to forego the “reminder to Iran” factor and pull out USS Harry Truman eases concerns over an imminent military conflict in the region.

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