Saturday, May 31, 2008

Iranian Responses to American War Scenarios

From PressTV:

Iran's Defense Minister says Tehran has readied a detailed response to any possible war scenario drawn up by the Bush administration. "The current US administration lacks the authority to push for another war in the Middle East," said Major General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar. The top Iranian military official, however, cautioned that 'should they initiate a war on Iran, they would not be the ones ending it'.

Mohammad-Najjar said Tehran can easily predict every approach Washington might consider and has prepared crushing responses in advance. "Iran's Armed Forces are fully prepared to counter any military attack with any intensity and to make the enemy regret initiating any such incursions," the Iranian minister said in an interview with Fars News Agency.

Referring to the Syrian Defense Minister Hassan Ali Turkmani's visit to Tehran last week, Mohammad-Najjar said the defense agreements inked between the two countries were aimed at ensuring the security of regional countries. "Our defense ties with Syria will enable us to counter the threat posed by the Zionist regime and defend against any possible act of aggression," he said. "Israel's shameful defeat from the Hezbollah has exposed all its weaknesses. Should the on-the-verge-of-collapse Israeli regime ever attempt to attack Iran, they would not even withstand our initial reaction," the Iranian general concluded.

A steady stream of defense communiques are coming out of Tehran these days. This one touches on Iranian responses to American war scenarios, and also mentions defense ties with Syria, as a counterweight to potential Israeli aggression against Iran. The General may be suggesting that an American strike could prompt a burst from Iran's missile forces, directed at numerous US military targets in the region. He may also be intimating that open hostilities could develop into an expanded war of attrition, extending possibly onto the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and generating a second Imposed War.

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