Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ships of the Iranian Navy Pt. 2

Top to bottom:

- Nahang, Nahang class submarine
- Hovercraft
- P224 Paykan, Sina class missile boat
- P227 Samshir, Kaman class missile boat
- 73 Sabalan, Saam class (Vosper Mk5 type) frigate and 421 Bandar Abbas, Bandar Abbas class light replenishment ship


Anonymous said...

It is well known for many years that the Iranians will use swarming attacks with their smaller fast attack naval crafts but do they really think that the US hasn't been working on a counter strategy. The Iranians should save their money and spend it on social programs. They will find out much too late about three specific systems that the US continued when Reagan launched the massive spending on the star-wars program. The Israelis have access to one of these systems. In the future people will die without explosives. - just a hint.

Anonymous said...

and Iranians will strike back...2500 years of history has not been there for no reason....get a life stinky pig...

death to ahmad and homeini said...

2500 years?
only since 1979 Satan is in power in teheran
you are a stinki nazi pig like the fucking ayatolahs the homosexuals like homeini and yourself