Saturday, September 1, 2012

Iran-North Korea Sign Technology Agreement

Iran and North Korea on Saturday signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Yong-nam, the president of the Presidium of North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, were present during the signing ceremony. The Iranian media did not disclose the details of the agreement, but carried the news of the ceremony attended by No.2 leaders of both countries prominently, indicating its importance.
Kim was in Tehran to attend the NAM Summit that ended on Friday. During his stay, he had an audience with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who urged his North Korean guest to resist threats and pressures from their common enemies to reach their goals. (IRNA, 1 September)


Anonymous said...

Looks like the regime needs a new compass,because it's South Korea with all the technology.

Anonymous said...

Iran, like North Korea...
1. governed by an authoritarian clique
2. both share complimentary nuclear weapon ambitions (and ability to marginalize United Nations)
3. both share (recently Tehran) absolute control of government/military
4. Within both, dissent is quickly identified and removed from "daily life"
5. etc etc

With Assad on his way out, Tehran now turns to North Korean regime. Iranians must be quite uneasy about where this is going... Rial is now an abysmal 22,000, economy is deteriorating, but Tehran reports more military spending and technology advances.

Another hostage crisis in the making... and ironic that they now turn toward NK to supplement al -Assad ties.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:36---

a good summary...... iran's government is growing ever more isolated and is turning to another pariah state with even less regard for the welfare of its population.

the latest news is that Iran is threatening to suspend gas sales to China as China is proving reluctant to make a major long-term investment with an Iranian government that appears less and less likely to have a long-term hold on power.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44 PM,

Yes, and Mr Putin too is reconsidering al-Assad "investment" for similar reasons.

Beijing has been leaving footprints in the sands of Baluchistan... they are thinking beyond regime in Tehran, for example.

Tehran has shot the wad on enrichment battle... much larger consideration goes unnoticed, evidently. For sometime, Beijing has been moving like they get the big picture.

With U.S. elections near... all hands on deck, ...but waiting!

Anonymous said...

I see that four Anons,and so far all, belong to the same (self adoring themselves group). One of them is apparently from four people assigned for a watch of these blogs...

The subject of your comments should be the technology agreement between DPRK and the Islamic Republic, but you again promote as usually a propaganda instead a will to find some aspect related to the deal...

Even that I do not have resources and a time like others, I would like to share same info with reasonable and interested people.

In September 2011, Mr Larijani expresed "enormous" deepest gratitude to the DPRK for its cooperation and contribution...
It was before the blast at Bid Kaneh. There had to be reason for those excepional thanks to the NK.

Was it DPRK's help with submarines', new missile design or steel alloys..

One thing is sure that the Islammic Republic and the DPRK have needs to redesign and modify their space launching cariers (rockets). Both countries have shortcomings in that field, after some malfunctions in the past. Exchange of information in that field will mitigate costs of space programs in both countries.

Each of countries the DPRK an the Islamic Republic has better designs of missiles in certain filds; icluding air defense misilles, and therefore, they can complement their expertises to each other.

The IRI may need some supplementation of information which were lost, due to the death of Iranian specialists at the Bid Kaneh's explosion...
Because Iran is working on its S-300 substitute, it may need some components from the DPRK, including design of mobile launchers.

The IRI has managed to store lots of oil on its supertankers and part of that oil may go on the account of the DPRK as a payment for present and future cooperation... or for resale?

There will be also an exchange of any technologies, which are under sanctions and which may benefit each of the two nations.

I wish that some of you guys or adinistrator of this blogs can publish most recent satelite photo of explosion's site at Bid Kaneh, so it can tell how the damage was restored.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 2:03 AM,

If you would, please write a piece on the subject on Word with photos attached, email it to us and we will publish it under a pen name of your choosing.

Anonymous said...

That's right,regime gives away tanker loads of Iran's oil to North Korea in return for useless North Korean junk.
And meanwhile we have millions of people struggling for their daily bread with no end in sight.

Maybe the regime has one thing in common with the North Korean regime and that is mass starvation and destitution.

Anonymous said...

Don't get upset guys,it's perfectly normal for two like minded fascist cultist regimes to seek comfort in their own dirty company.

Anonymous said...

---- ,regime gives away tanker loads of Iran's oil to North Korea in return for useless North Korean junk----

nope, it's in exchange for NorK missiles and missile technology and technicians.

what's the point of the Iranian regime sacrificing the Iranian people for the nuclear weapons program if the nuclear weapons can't quickly be mounted on long-range missiles as soon as they're assembled?

there isn't going to be much time between when the things are produced and the when the US finds out that they've been produced and starts blowing lots of things in Iran into lots of pieces, so those missiles better be nuclear warhead-compatible and ready to go real quick...or a heck of a lot of suffering by iranians is going to be ...for nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03 PM

Nope,the regime put a small payload in low earth orbit before North Korea.
In fact North Korea is still trying to put a small object in low earth orbit.
If anything the regime is trying to or has already bought or received the know how in nuclear bomb know how.
And all that sacrifice of the Iranian people will come to zero.

Anonymous said...

The NK possesses spare (extra) engines for its russian made airplanes and Iran may need them to refurbish its old russian jetfighters and other airplanes as well as to test or use them in the newest version of the Saegeh jetfighters.

Both countries have decoy production's programs and will be interested in an exchange of information in that field.

NK may have in its possesion a design of underwater drones too...