Monday, September 10, 2012

IAEA Director Demands Access to Iran’s Military Site

Indications of Possible Nuclear Weapons Work at Parchin

IAEA Director Yukiya Amano today pressed Iran to grant the agency’s inspectors immediate access to Parchin military site in southwest of Tehran. IAEA suspects that the Iranians are conducting explosive tests at Parchin relevant to the development of nuclear weapons (Reuters).

Amano said the lack of concrete results despite months of discussions between the IAEA and Iran over access to Parchin was "frustrating."

"We consider it essential for Iran to engage with us without further delay on the substance of our concerns," Amano said. "Without Iran's full engagement, we will not be able to start the process to resolve all outstanding issues, including those concerning possible military dimensions to its nuclear program," he added.

"The activities observed (at Parchin) further strengthen our assessment that it is necessary to have access to the location without further delay in order to obtain the required clarifications." (Reuters, 10 September).


Anonymous said...

Trying to Blackmail Iran again with allegations which is expected to be disproved.

I am amazed Iran accepts this cat and mouse nonsense from the 4 western countries, claiming to be the World.

Mark Pyruz said...

It can be argued such is beyond Iran's safeguards agreement.

Also, it should be pointed out that in the past, Iran has agreed to access the site and in each case the results were negative.

Parchin could have been accessed this time, too, had a framework of negotiation been worked out at the last P5+1 talks, however the U.S. position was simply one of diktat and access was thus strictly accorded to that beyond the safeguards agreement.

Anonymous said...

would have made sense, if they were actually looking for nuclear particles.

But they were looking for rests of chemical compounds used in solid feul Missiles tested there.

Biggest problems of western defence companies is, as always was, the method of re-entering, which has a lot to do with feul and speed .

Iran is no idiot and neither arent its enemies.

The cat and mouse game is what is keeping the peace. actually !

Anonymous said...

Under the pretext of inspection to find whether a trigger for a nuclear device was tested, western spy agencies try to find as many other secrects as possible.

They will hack any dates about iranian military research in the IAEA's posession.
They would drag investigations until all military secrets would be checked and compromised...

They probably want to know how powerful warheads are installed on Iran's misilles... and other parameters of those misilles.

Anonymous said...

--- They probably want to know how powerful warheads are installed on Iran's misilles... and other parameters of those misilles.---

no one cares about iran's warheads, friend.....unless they're nuclear,chemical or biological ones.

there's nothing all that interesting in Iran's explosive warheads as they are not something that aren't decades behind western ones.