Thursday, March 8, 2012

Netanyahu: Iran Strike Won't Come in Days, But Not Matter of Years

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said today in Tel Aviv that an attack on Iran is not a foregone conclusion and he "hopes pressure on Iran will work," but he added not striking Iran may endanger Israel’s existence.

"I hope that the pressure on Iran will work and we can peacefully convince them to tear down their nuclear program," Netanyahu told Israel’s TV Channel 2. [Jerusalem Post, 8 March].

The Israeli prime minister added, however, that an attack would not come in "a matter of days or weeks, but it's also not a matter of years."

While visiting the White House earlier this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared to back off from military threats against Iran, instead accepting President Obama’s push to resolve the standoff through the dual track of diplomacy and economic sanctions. His comments today in Tel Aviv reinforce beliefs that his comments in Washington were not a retreat but a tactical acceptance of diplomacy/sanctions dual track for a period of time measured in months.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea..How about Iran strike Israel first? If anything, Iran will have a more just reason to strike NOW given all the threats coming from Tel Aviv and Washington lately. NO?

One things is clear, Israel want's the US to do it for them and will stop at nothing to get this.The question is, will the US resist such pressure or commit suicide for the "chosen ones" in occupied Palestine? Given the US track record, I won't rule out them going along with Tel Aviv's plan.Therefore, Iran must take the fight to them, not the other way round.

As the saying goes, barking dogs don't bite...;^)

mat said...

Pity! The Zionist Regime of Israel has come to a knowledge that if Iran is striked or attacked, or even with a single bullet drops on iranian soil, Iran's unimaginable hard retaliation and response will definitely be an end to the whole nation of Israel.

Fact: Israel should know and well aware that, militarily, she is just a very tiny little state compared to far much stronger, greater, powerful and larger mighty Islamic Republic of Iran. Israel is really afraid of its own-made shadow. I think Israel needs someone to calm her down.

Anonymous said...

Zionist COWARDLY rabid dog barking but no is listening. These blustering Zionists know that they will simply disappear if push comes to shove. Killing defenceless and divided Arabs and usurping their lands with US deadbeat taxpayer funded weapons is one thing taking on Iran with 75million people and a battle tested military that can hit back hard is another.

Zionist Occupied hovels of Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Ashdod will be parking lots and melted glass when the dust settles. 5 million imported Zionists from the ghettos of Eastern Europe and Jew York have no history in Palestine and the Zionist entity is an invented "nation" thanks to the hypocrital Brits and the Balfour declaration. These Zionists cowards all have dual nationalities and will run from Israhell when the Shahabs start flying. 5 million Zionists strutting on bankrupt US brainwashed rednecks weapons are no match for Iran in a protracted war of attrition. A war with Iran will be a fight to the finish and the Zionist brats know it.However, Nothing Yahoo and the mutts will keep on barking for our amusement.

Anonymous said...

same applies to a new emerging Israeli Palestinian state with Arab (majority) rule.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

@ anon March 10, 2012 5:43 AM

Yes your comment is mostly on the ball. The Zionist hype and hollow threats are indeed a diversion from their FAILED EXPERIMENT at Palestine land-grab and a brutal savage occupation which is fuelling more unrest in the region.

The Zionists are Eastern European and mostly US Jews who have no history or link to Palestine. As the late scholar Edward Said articulated, the Zionist experiment is a delusion and a complete failure at even basic human behavior or norms. They are suppressing the local Arabs by sheer brutality and savagery while ignoring the demographics, regional dimensions and global powershifts. US taxpayer and economy are now broke thanks to ill-conceived Islamophobic wars in the region. A war against Iran will literally unleash hell.

The Zionists sideshow on the Iranian "nuclear issue" is very much like the pan-Arabist bluster of Nasser and Saddam who also issued daily hollow threats and bluster.

It does not take the strategic military acumen of Sun Tzu or Baron Clausewitz to figure out that the little Zionist entity of 5-6 million luxury oriented US/Euro taxpayer funded Jews simply can not take-on Iran in a protracted military conflict that will spread out of control and may go nuclear and global.

The Zionist bluster and empty threats are akin to a high-school bully who hides behind a dumber bigger thug and goades other to fight for him. Zionist yelping is merely an attempt to push the battered US into a final swan song war against Iran on totally false pretenses. AIPAC and the Jew media in US and UK is at the forefront of this massive disinformation campaign and Iranophobia with a mix of usual Islamophobia.

The reality is that Iran has no desire for any conflict, let alone with the US. The Zionists are using the Iranian bogeyman to scare the corrupt Arab petro-pimpdom puppets who see the Arab "awakening" slowly creeping in. The Arab street chaos will last a long-time and will eventually spill over into corrupt House of Saud and the Khaleeji stooges. Iranophobia will not suffice as the Zionist failed experiment collapses, largely due to social and demographic fractures. The Arab street may look divided at this stage but they are no friends of Zionism and will eventaully focus back on the latent Palestine issue once the dust settles. 5 million alien Jews living in luxury with a savage repressive system amongst 300 million Arabs is not a very encouraging calculas.

This Zionist hostility towards Iran is mostly a global smokescreen as they daily murder Palestinians in Gaza with 21st century US taxpayer funded weapons. A highly unlikely war against Iran will not be confined but will bring destruction to Zionist occupied cities. The Jews of Eastern European descent occupying Palestine are not used to a total war that will ruin their comfortable lifestyles and bring destruction. All this Zionist bluster is a bluff.

TLAM Strike said...

Watch it! You people almost poked out my eye with all those 'Sieg Heils'.

mat said...

Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:39PM GMT

As Israeli officials escalate war rhetoric against Iran, a retired American air force general says Tel Aviv lacks the adequate military equipment, including suitable warplanes, to attack Iranian nuclear sites.

Dave Deptula told the US National Public Radio (NPR) on Saturday that although Israeli warplanes successfully destroyed an Iraqi nuclear site in 1981 and attacked Syria in 2007, Iran is a more difficult military challenge that involves dozens of potential targets.

He added that the Israelis “just don’t have enough aircraft of the right warplanes” for an attack on Iran.

"There is a capacity issue. The number of aim points or target points that one would want to respond against is relatively large…to set back the [Iran's nuclear energy] program a significant period of time,” the retired general said.

Deptula further stated that even for the US, any air campaign against Iran would be a long, complex operation.

"This [air strike on Iran] is not a walk in the park. It would require an orchestrated campaign of some duration, weeks not days, against a wide variety of very challenging target sets," he added.

Deptula went on to say that those who talk about airstrikes and bombing need to answer this question, “What are you trying to achieve?”

mat said...

Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:27AM GMT

Commander of Iran's naval forces Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says the Islamic Republic possesses the know-how for manufacturing aircraft carriers.

“Considering the existing capabilities of the young experts in the Naval Forces and the country’s defense industry and universities, the Islamic Republic of Iran is capable of manufacturing aircraft carriers, but we do not see any need in that respect,” Sayyari said in a Saturday interview with IRNA.

The Iranian commander highlighted Iran’s extensive defense expertise and noted, “Today, we are at a level where we can domestically build any equipment required by the Navy and other armed forces.”

He went on to say that at this juncture, manufacturing of aircraft carriers is not among the priorities of the Navy, however the country is ready to build the vessels if top officials see the need for one.

Anonymous said...

I loved the trick of bringing Obama that mickey Mouse book of Esther about Iran loool

Even the jews consider it fiction.

God shall punish the liars and God saves and protects Iran from all lies.

Anonymous said...

TLAM Strike

Honestly these people that comment their hatred towards the Jews is nothing but Nazi philosophy and blind hatred.
Thankfully these people are not Iranian but outside Jihad headed nut jobs that have taken to Uskowi to voice their pathetic frustrations because of their own self inflicted failures.
A sorry state indeed.These type of people will remain frazzled for the rest of their miserable lives.

Anonymous said...

The Iran regime has been attacked several times, they look like fools and have no credibility... stuxnet, exploding bombs, scientists... The world doesn't want a war with Iran and its people, the world will keep doing what it has been doing for the past several years... and if a time comes when it needs to take out Amadinejad, it will. Keep on flapping you anti semetic fools...

mat said...

'No one is afraid of a 'barking' zionist dog, but instead, a 'sleeping' persian lion'

Anonymous said...

mat...Khomeini your idol took the Lion and Sun away from our flag and replaced it with four bananas and one cucumber.
The lion of Persia is not happy about that and intends to get back what is rightfully his from the criminal regime that you lovingly support.