Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama to Meet Turkish Premier on Iran

President Barak Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan are set to hold a “lengthy” meeting in Seoul on Sunday ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit. Turkish daily Hurriyet reported today that Iran will be at the top of the meeting’s agenda. Premier Erdogan will fly to Tehran after the Summit to meet with senior Iranian officials on 28-29 March.

“I expect it to be a comprehensive and lengthy meeting. That’s why it has been fixed not for the sidelines of the summit but a day ahead of it,” an aide to Erdogan said [Hurriyet, 24 March].


Anonymous said...

Absolute red herring.The nuclear program is a red herring.

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Anonymous said...

Obama should go to Tehran himself - why not ?

Anonymous said...

Obama should appoint Bill Clinton as a special envoy.

The rest will be AIPAC spitting blood and unleashing its reporters on anyone supportive of this.

But it will have to be sat through.

Dariush London

mat said...

March 24, 2012

Verifiable fact: Some Media and people for whatever reasons & intention keep on repeating that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the Map. This is what the real fact is:

The reporters' translation of the Ahmadinejad's interviews Does/Did Not Match What really Ahmadinejad said in the interviews. Those who understand Farsi/Persian language and listen carefully to what he really said (without adding, changing or twisting what the exact Farsi statements of his ) was the following:

Imam Khomeini was once asked:
"Amongst your demands is the annihilation of the state of Israel, if this leads to Israel's destruction and victory for the Palestinians, what will be the fate of the Jews?"

He replied:

"The issue of the Jews is quiet separate from that of the Zionists, if the Muslims are victorious over the Zionists, the latter will meet the same fate as the deposed shah. However the Muslims will do nothing to the Jews for they are a nation like other nations, they will carry on with their lives and they will not suffer dispossession."

Leopersica said...

Last Time Obama had a lengthy meeting with Turkish Premier the poor man ended up high and dry with tehran Agreement together with the brazilian counterpart!
I wonder what sort of Carrots they offer to Turkish premiers they keep on going for It.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton is actually a great idea. I hope the Virginia web watchers are relaying this to their fat useless bosses.