Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Iran Not to Pull Out of NPT – Ambassador to IAEA

Calls Israeli War Threats ‘Illegal’

Iran ruled out pulling out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In an interview with France 24 TV news channel, Iranian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Asghar Soltanieh said Iran is determined to continue its nuclear energy program under the IAEA’s control. Soltanieh added that Iran remained committed to its international obligations “despite sanctions, war threats and even the assassination of its nuclear scientists.”

Soltanieh also condemned Israeli war threats against Iran as a violation of international laws. He said the IAEA Resolution 533 adopted in 1990 prohibits armed attacks against nuclear installations devoted to peaceful purposes.


Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard of that unadulterated Bullshit on the facebook ??

Israel Loves Iran ??

Iranian cancer kids die because of the very people of that country who initiate snactions !!

They rejoice at every Iranian dead (remember the scientists) and play games with facebook ???

I wish I could puke on their faces.

you wont publish this I know but nonetheless

Dariush London

attack on Iran said...

Is pulling out of the NPT the first step to a "nuclear break out"? I hope not, at least they are staying within the IAEA.

Anonymous said...

Why Dariush? Does peace between peoples make you sick because you know that is what both sides want?
Will a full blown war make you feel better? So that you can rejoice in the streets of London while the people are suffering in Iran because of stupid mullahs policies ?

Reedambehroohetgohmeini Istanbul

Anonymous said...

Dear Istanbol person

You seem a very forgiving person with a memory capacity of a goldfish.

I want satisfaction for 80 years of attacks and attempts on Iran.

Israel is the begining, middle and end of all Iran problems it seems, look at the sanctions initiated by them with the help of the MKO.

This Loving Iran nonsense is a diversion of attention , they kill Iranians and for that they are cursed forever.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

To Dariush

I would say the beginning and end of all the problems of Iran has been and still is the mullahs and their fabrications.These people and their brainless obedient followers have been the main stumbling block towards Iran's progress.This is why Ataturk got rid of them and tried to reeducate the people against superstition and nonsense.
You tell me when in its history Israel or the Jews attacked Iran.Never!
The nuclear program and the Arab Israeli issue is nothing but a red herring used by mullahs to control the masses.The main issue for Iranians is not Israel or even the nuclear program but the human rights issue.The equality issue and a whole bunch of other issues like religion out of politics.
But I know people like you have fixed minds dedicated to religion of Islam and mullahs thinking they are holier-than-thou. But in reality they are no better than some of the people that run Wall Street.Greedy men that use the gullible and weak for personal profit and gain through brainwashed people. That's religion for you.So much for the poor Goldfish.

Reedambehroohetgohmeini Istanbul

Anonymous said...

I read until I stumbled on the name "Mullah".
That was enough for me to understand you and the yours. I read no further.
Learn to respect what the majority of your people (if they are your people) Respect. Then we shall go further.

Dariush A. London

Anonymous said...


How do you know what the majority of Iranian people want or respect? Have you asked them or have the SAINTS told you this?
Suit yourself don't read the rest and stay in darkness in what the SAINTS have taught you.
Don't worry you won't burn in hell if you do read the rest!

Reedambehroohetgomeini Istanbul

Anonymous said...

Dariush--- what Iranian children are dying of cancer because of Israelis?

what kind of stupidity causes a person to post such an insane comment?

Anonymous said...

Only stupid and backward people like a certain idiot on this blog supports the mullah regime.Just ignore these parasites.

Anonymous said...

I usually do not discuss with people on boards like this, specially when they are so impolite and insulting.

But as a general information I share the fact that recently Switzerland refused to deliver a special brand of Medicine (cancer)to Irans representative due to payment problems cause by SWIFT and initiated by The war criminla Netanyahho.

The very criminal who took the book of Ester to Obama celebrating the mass murder of Iranians by the jews on the 13 of Farwardin, trying to claim Iranians hated the jews then and wanted them destroyed and now again... so as we preemted it then lets go after them now......

Some of you people claiming to be more than the singular "bikar" are sometimes really pathetic with your insults and claims...

this is the last time I react to insults and pathological Iran haters.

Dariush London

Leopersica said...

are you sitting in Istanbul for the GI's to come and rescue your civil liberties for you !
Not a good idea! look bellow your nose and see Baghdad burning nine years after it was liberated.
if you are so worried about human right abuses and the etc etc you advocate from a safe distance come here to your country defend it against foreign enemies and then worry about your civil liberties or else you will be sitting in newly established republic of baluchistan
and worry about the mullahs who 90 years ago did so and so and so

Anonymous said...


You must feel all smug sitting behind your computer outside of Iran and typing out your usual dross.
Iranian people will no longer fight for lying mullah regime if that makes you feel any better.
You go back to your lying thieving masters and serve them till judgment day arrives and I don't mean the judgment day of Islam but of the Iranian peoples wrath against people like you and your masters in occupied Iran.

The Man from Istanbul