Saturday, March 17, 2012

Indian Trade Delegation Visit to Iran “Very Successful”

An 80-member Indian trade delegation ended its five days visit to Iran and called the trip “very successful.”

"The visit was very good and very successful," said Rafeeque Ahmed, president of the government-backed Federation of Indian Export Organizations. "We saw a lot of interest from the Iranians in buying Indian goods… We talked about the excellent opportunities in food grains, food processing, pharmaceuticals, auto parts and other areas," he added [AFP, 17 March].

India buys around $11 billion worth of crude oil from Iran a year but sells Tehran just $2.7 billion in goods. India and Iran have worked out a deal under which New Delhi would pay for nearly half of its Iranian oil imports in rupees, which in turn would be used by the Iranians to buy Indian goods and services.


Anonymous said...

Very successful for the Indians after Iran gives away its oil for nothing in return for cheap Indian junk to displace our workers and closing down our factories.
And to add insult to injury the Indians will resell our cheap oil at actual market value for huge profits for themselves.
That's what you call being shafted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks stupid sanctions, you just delivered Iran - possibly the most geographically important country in the world - to China and India on a silver platter. A gift beyond their wildest dreams.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:51PM

Not to worry, according to govt, international sanctions against regime not having any effect... Iranian citizens dragged along by regime adherence to nuclear weapon track, shut that part down, all good again. India taking good deal, true.
Not working with Iran as Anon 8:30 PM suggests, but taking advantage of regime intransigence.

Anonymous said...

unfortujnatly iran lost the swift
and is now total isolated

so by the way the India goverment
excempt the companies which import oil from iran from (import)