Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iran: Not Cleaning Up Nuclear Works

Iran today rejected allegations it attempted to clean up radioactive traces possibly left by secret nuclear work at Parchin military base near Tehran.

"Those who are familiar with nuclear physics know that these comments are not remarkable in any way," said Ramin Mehmanparast, the Foreign Ministry spokesman. "This is mainly public speculation and not based on logic. Basically, nuclear military activities are not cleanable, at all," he added.

Mehmanparast did not directly address the recent satellite photos of Parchin site suggesting possible cleanup operations. Last week, Iran announced that it will allow IAEA inspectors to visit the site in a gesture of good will after refusing their visit to the site during last month’s visit to Iran.

Sources: IRNA and AP, 13 March 2012


Anonymous said...

thats one of those silly claims.. you are dammed if you answer an accusation and dammed if you dont.

Anonymous said...

He is correct in science.. Such activities for military applications are not cleanable by means of moving dirt by trucks as alleged in the media and satellite pictures.

mat said...

'What a Zionist/U.S.-controlled IAEA's slanderous remark'

Anonymous said...

the evidence has already been gathered ...or it has not.....

either way

....."'What a Zionist/U.S.-controlled IAEA's slanderous remark'"

is just more of the endless stupidity from that quarter.

Anonymous said...

9:49 AM you are dead on.

Here are the facts. In 2005, Iran allowed an IAEA crew, in a confidence-building gesture, to inspect Parchin. Former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei stated in his report that no military nuclear activity was being conducted at that site (so this latest request is an insult to Mr. ElBaradei).

It's now 2012, IAEA wants an updated spying excursion to Parchin. When Iran rejected this request the Cowboy accused them of defying the "International Community." Okay, when Iran surprised the IC and agreed to a visit; wait, Iran is accused of removing top soil. Here's a dumb question: if you know that they had removed top soil why ask for another visit?

The reality. The Cowboy has no clue of Iranian nuclear activity since the year 2003. The Iranians have successfully gone underground with their program -- dating back to MEK's disclosure of Natanz. That is why you risk sending your most advanced stealth drone in a fatal attempt to sniff-out airborne fissile material because you have 'lost' all tactical assets on the ground.

The Iranians are in the driver's seat and the Cowboy knows that. It's time to negotiate but the Israelis won't allow it. So, they play the only card they have -- World War III -- otherwise known as pre-emptive strike.


Anonymous said...

blowing up some things in Iran is not at all akin to WWIII...

Iran has no allies or friends of any note.....just some terrorists that their Ayatollahs have bankrolled.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:00 PM

Iran has no allies or friends of any note.

Russia and China say hi!