Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama – Enough Oil Without Iran’s

President Obama said today in Washington that he has determined that there will be enough oil in the world market to allow countries to cut imports from Iran. The finding, a requirement under sanctions law, is the latest step by the US toward sanctioning those nations that do not cut their imports significantly and continue their oil-related transactions with the Central Bank of Iran by 28 June. The rising production levels in Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are believed to be the reasons behind Obama’s finding.

Oil analysts also believe oil supplies will be sufficient, though very tight, without some 800,000 bpd of Iranian crude expected to be taken out of the market as the result of the sanctions.

“Right now there are enough barrels,” said Jamie Webster, a manager at Petroleum Finance Corp in Washington. “There is some ability, as Japan has shown, to find alternative barrels to Iran.” [Reuters, 30 March].


Anonymous said...

the brics states( Brasil, Russia, Chica,india, south africa) has announced las week in the meeting in india.

The wont support any iran sanctions.
therefoe the us can decide sanctions as much as they want
it wont work

Anonymous said...

The 5 or 6 (almost Rich western nations) still think pressuring Iran into their political orbit is the way.

allow me to LMFHO for a while.

Now, Iran should never and shall never bow to such methods.

Because, you bow once, you bow always. This time it was Syria ... last time it was something else... and the World is not an idiot.

Bless you Iran and Keep up the Stamina.

By the way Tomorrow is the 13 or Farvardin the Cursed day in history where 75 000 Iranians were butchered by Israelis in history (they celebrate it as Purim feast)

Dariush London Turnhamgreen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:31 AM

Dariush were did Israel come into all this? They are only a few decades old.
But if you want to be like that then how many hundreds of thousands of Iranians were raped murdered and enslaved by the Arab invading hoards in the name of their beloved Islam?
I tell you,women were raped and taken back to Arabia.Men were killed or taken as slaves back to Arabia.
They destroyed or burned anything they didn't understand or of value in their eyes.
They forbid the use of the Persian language.(That's why Ferdowsi saved Persian language not Islam as that idiot President Ahmadinejad said).
Arab men were allowed to take Iranian women but Iranian men weren't allowed to have Arab women.
The Arabs killed millions of Iranians and you are harking on about a supposed 75000 Iranians being killed by,wait a moment.... Israelis?!

The Man in Istanbul

Anonymous said...

The way this crowd works... you got to blame at least something... ANYTHING on Israel.! What a disgrace.