Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Major Powers Divided Over Iran Nuclear Program

Russia and China Block IAEA Statement

Russia and China have blocked IAEA from issuing a statement condemning Iran for defying UN Security Council resolutions demanding it end uranium enrichment and expand its cooperation with IAEA inspectors probing suspected nuclear weapon work in the country. The United States, Britain, France and Germany were seeking a joint statement of the 35-nation board of governors of IAEA. The Russians and Chinese were instead asking for a more moderate language on Iran. The board meeting was adjourned after three days of deliberations without issuing a resolution.

The inability of the IAEA meeting to produce a united front on Iran’s nuclear program undermines the effectiveness of the talks scheduled in the near future between the six powers and Iran and the possibility of a quick diplomatic solution to the standoff.

Meanwhile, the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe expressed skepticism of the Western powers about Iran’s readiness to compromise over its nuclear program.

"I think Iran is continuing to use double speak," Juppe said. "That's the reason why we must remain extremely firm on the sanctions we have decided upon, which are from my point of view the best way to avoid a military option, which could have immeasurable consequences." [AP, 7 March].

Source: AP and Reuters, 7 March 2012


Anonymous said...

Updated on: 03/07/2012

US, Iranians ‘clash’ at sea

KUWAIT CITY, March 5: US troops opened fire on a boat carrying six Iranians near Kuwait’s territorial waters, a source told Al-Shahed daily, adding four Iranians were killed, one was wounded and another was reported missing.
According to the source, the Iranian boat approached a prohibited area that was under the control of US Navy and refused to obey orders. Kuwait’s Coast Guards have been put on alert following the incident, which occurred northeast of the territorial waters of the country.
The source also added that US-Kuwait joint forces began searching for the missing Iranian, while the injured was referred to the US military hospital for treatment. The remains of the four Iranians were recovered by US troops and will be repatriated to Iran.
The US Army has launched an investigation into the incident and is keeping the damaged boat to find out why the Iranians wanted to enter the prohibited area.

Kemjika said...

These "talks" are hypocritical of many human issues- people often care more about OTHER issues while actively discussing AGREED on issues. The US has to give IRan its rightful seat at the table of ME powers, but they tell everyone the focus of the discussions is the nuclear program.AMerica doesn't have the leverage over Iran because it has pushed as non-militarily hard as it can,with no result, but ican't do a military strike because it is not capable of it.Iranian deterrence is still in effect.

Persicus Maximus said...

May be you ladies & Gents would like to watch a clip.

Anonymous said...

There is a very clear bloc of independent nations like Russia and China asserting themselves against the deadbeat Zionist owned warmongers led by the little barking pup Nothing Yahoo. The US is being boxed in on various fronts. The problem now for the US/Zionist deadbeats is how to backdown and sulk away as Iran is proving a bridge too far.

The Zionist tail is having a hard time wagging the dumbdown dog.

mat said...

The term 'One is innocent until proven guilty' probably suits Iran's nuclear program.

Anonymous said...

!) comment #1---- story has been denied, no other newspaper or anyone has picked up the story, and no one else confirms it

2) Kemjika-----it turns out that there is plenty of leverage.....and you're absolutely wrong about the US not being capable of any or all mititary strikes against Iran
Iran's "deterrence" is no more than attacking civilians elsewhere. It can not defend itself against the US military.

TLAM Strike said...

"The term 'One is innocent until proven guilty' probably suits Iran's nuclear program."

Q) What is "guilty" for Iran?

A) A mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

As Reagan said to the Soviets: Trust but Verify.

According to the AP a diplomatic source says they have evidence of the testing of Neutron Initiators at Parchim.

Oh and the Kuwait news story about the US firing on an Iranian boat is false, the USCG rescued two sailors and recovered four bodies after an Iranian dhow sank in a storm.