Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iran to Allow IAEA Access to Parchin Military Complex

Iran said today it will allow IAEA inspectors access to its military complex at Parchin in a gesture of good will. The IAEA inspectors were unable to visit the site during their previous two visits to Iran this year. The IAEA suspects secret research and development work related to nuclear weapons has been carried out at Parchin. Iran has consistently denied the existence of a military dimension to its nuclear program.

Source: ISNA, 6 March 2012.


mat said...

It will definitely be a big mistake for Iran for allowing those U.S./Zionist-controlled IAEA's spies to access to Parchin Military Complex.

TheRealist said...

What difference will it make? The western Imperalistic countries will keep pointing accusing fingers at each turn, because it's not about Iran having a dual nuclear capability. That's not the heart of the matter. Many countries around the world (those that are within US sphere of influence) possess dual nuclear techonology, and nobody has raised as much as an eyebrow. Also, the US government has said that the Iranian leadership is a rational player, and that they won't use a nuclear bomb in any case. It's really about bullying the regime in Iran, and attempting to weaken it until an opportunity arises whereby the theocrats can be ousted from power.

TLAM Strike said...

"Iran said today it will allow IAEA inspectors access to its military complex at Parchin..."

...now that they have had a week to clear out all the evidence.

TheRealist said...

This military site was visited by IAEA inspectors back in 2005. The reports came back negative - no proof whatsoever of nuclear weapons development. Now they suddenly have an urge to investigate this military site, the second time around. They won't find anything this time either. But you can be sure that they will be accusing Iran of hiding something there in 3 years from now, which in their mind will prompt the request to enter the site for a third time, and so on it goes. The Imperalistic countries have decided that Iran must be kept under pressure - the sanctions won't ever be lifted. The onus should be on the accusers to verify the existence of a nuclear weapons programme, yet they insist that Iran must prove a negative, and since they know that Iran cannot prove its innocence they then maintain the rethoric that sanctions must be kept in place.

The best thing the ruling clerics in Iran could do in order to find out whether or not the promises of the western leaders holds any merit; they should lay down their Nuclear Energy Program, similar to what Gaddafi did.

Does anybody seriously think that Iran under the current leadershp will be welcomed into the "community of nations"? No.

The US and its allies will point to other things, as pre-texts ... until the independant nation of Iran is no more, and instead a puppet installed in its place.

Anonymous said...

The Realist

I see you are using my blogger name "Realist".Couldn't you think of a name for yourself?

Anonymous said...

I think it's an excellent idea for them to come and inspect.Because the regime in Iran cannot be trusted therefor must be inspected.

Daruish London

Anonymous said...


you are the product of what west wanted to produce.

Similary to the product ( Basij ) the iranian regime has produced since today.

Both productes are brainwashed!
They are only allowed to think in the way there masters think!

And we NORMAL ppl are between these to products and have to suffer it!

The only difference is you think you are very well educated because you visited a University! But really start to study life!

Your comments are always baseless! ALWAYS!