Sunday, March 4, 2012

Extreme Right Wins Parliamentary Elections in Iran

The extreme right in Iran is the victor in the elections for the Ninth Majlis. The ruling conservative United Principlist Front and the ultraconservative Resistance Front of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi are poised to capture nearly 80 percent of the seats in the new Majlis.

There would be a second round of voting in Tehran, where none but the top 5 candidates received more the required 25 percent of the votes to be elected. The unusual development in Tehran, and some other districts outside the capital, was the result of the two leading conservative groups splitting the votes almost equally between them.

The Ministry of Interior has estimated the turnout at 64 percent nationwide and 48 percent in Tehran. The highest turnout ever reported in the parliamentary elections was 71 percent for the Fifth Majlis in 1996, and the lowest turnout was in 2008 for the current Majlis at 51 percent. The average reported turnout in all the nine elections is 60 percent.


Anonymous said...

And now what do they want to do?

Anonymous said...

The Tavileh has been enhanced with even more mozdors to Ahga.

Anonymous said...

64% turnout nationwide? and more importantly 48 of those 64% were in Teheran? Isn't that a very low number overall? Doesn't that show the disinterest and lack of engagement of the population? Its like much of Iran's population have had the breath taken out of them, and have instead chosen to accept that Iran will forever remain an Ultra Conservative Theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something not more than 18% of the population came out and voted that's about 13.5 million people.As for Tehran my friend told me that he and his friends have witnessed near empty polling station with the odd few buses bringing people into those areas.
The question is where did those buses come from?
And of course you have the state media which creates stories by showing crowds of "voters"and their well rehearsed answers like "We have come to vote here against America"which anybody with any sense would know to be rubbish.
This state circus which happened on Friday shows what a bunch of liars and fabricators this fascist Islamist regime is.