Sunday, March 18, 2012

Inflation at 26.5%

Dollar Reaches 20,000 Rials (Again)

The government’s Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) in a report to the country’s Supreme Council for Labor published this week has put the current rate of inflation in the country at 26.5 percent. Using a basket of 359 goods, the SCI has measured price increases for the 12 months period ending in the last day of Bahman 1390 (22 February 2012). The Majlis Research Center, the parliament’s statistics center, has also estimated an inflation rate of over 30 percent for the current Iranian calendar year that ends on Tuesday 20 March.

Meanwhile, the rial-dollar exchange rate has hit 20,000 rials per dollar in open exchange markets this week. The development is a major setback for the government’s efforts to maintain a unitary exchange rate of 12,260 rials per dollar. The official rate was set in January, coupled with strong interventions by the country’s central bank, when dollar had passed the 20,000 mark in open markets.


Anonymous said...

"Economics is for donkeys." Khomeini.

Anonymous said...

All these stupid Iranians who lived dollar central lives (e.g. to send money to their children studying in the west) are now paying a hefty price.

They better tell their children to go and get a job at the 7-11!

Anonymous said...

The regime in abject failure and having to postpone cutting off the rest of the subsidie because the citizens are getting clobbered by the dead end that the regime has led them into.

Anonymous said...

After all this is a dead end regime.

Leopersica said...

@Anon 9:19Am "Economics is for donkeys." khomeini is dead since 1989 get on with your life.

@Anon 10:13Am :
"All these stupid Iranians who lived dollar ....are now paying a hefty price.

They better tell their children to go and get a job at the 7-11!"

All those stupid Iranians are paying their hard earned money to provide a better education and life perspective for their children.
calling them stupid is very arrogant.

@Anon 1:23 PM and 12:50 PM
you sound a bit MKO by calling the Iranian government a regime.
the very fact that you are cheering at the sufering of the Iranian people simply because they refuse to give in to the unlegitimate demands of west is a pity how some people can be so ignorant and under influence of global media.its naive very naive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:56 AM

So what if Khomeini is dead since 1989. That man said those words in 1979 and also said bus rides and oil,gas,electricity will be free! Proves what a lying little snake he was.It's because of him that millions of Iranians are suffering TODAY!
It's all right people like you moaning about 1953 all the time. But sweep Khomeini's lies under the carpet and lets get on with our lives so that mullahs and this stinking regime can keep going on.

And another thing that is a REGIME.What else is it?

As for suffering,it's all caused by the REGIME.

The REGIME is the one that desires confrontation. Not the Iranian people.

It's also the REGIME that sends out their stooges to argue their point of view,Mr Anon 1:56 PM.

When this REGIME is gone the people will breath a sigh of relief.

Anonymous said...

Leopersica ----there's not a thing illegitimate about what the west is demanding of amounts to demanding that Iran live up to its contractual obligations after years of not doing so.....and demanding that Iran provide some evidence that the Ayatollah's words about Iran not wanting to build a nuclear weapons matches Iran's actions.

all the emotional garbage about "enjoying" the suffering of the Iranian people is simply you spouting garbage......the Irnaian people are having their economy wrecked because of the Ayatollah and his goons... Fix the responsibility where it belongs, Leo and stop trying to dissemble.

You don't want people to think you're lyin' do ya?

Anonymous said...

Leopersica....What's getting on with my life got to do with Khomeini's saying?
He said economics is for donkeys and the result is that his donkeys have grind Iran's bankrupt economy into the ground with a worthless rial as its currency.And you say I should get on with my life when I live in Iran nine months of the year.
You must be living in the West that's why it's easy to brush things off,isn't it?

Leopersica said...

@ anons above
apologies for my late response.
Its the holidays over here guys. :D

2:52Pm khomeini is very dead I saw his grave the other day.:)
Iranian Intelligentsia Stop living in the past future is what matters!
"Joie De vivre" is for a good reason a french word and not farsi

through time people change and so does regimes/governments/systems
heck My wife, loved me 7 yrs ago .now she is divorced and hates my guts LoL

Its really funny I say don't mention 1979 and you go back to 1953 who said anything about 1953?!?!?

about Iranian Economy see this link on :

most of my other economic analysis comes from this very site.
reports on TSE,IKCO,MAHAN AIR etc etc by Amir Taheri go have a look and you will agree that like people governments even stupid ones can change.

of course if I get my anal. from the VOA or the BBC I would agree 100% wouldn't I??

about the people getting a sigh of relief I don't think you can say represent Iranian People ,I'm one of them and I do not Agree with you .
right now What I'm realy afraid of is that two pairs of eleven hundred feet of american Diplomacy floating at my door step,they just decided to call "Arabian Gulf"
Not the regime

There are many books written on the same subject .
I can simply say :"stating Iran not living to Its Contractual obligations is over simplifying the issue "
you should see lawyers for the right legal definitions of what you just claimed.
and this is where the trouble is ,all heads of states of western democracies are lawyers .
Obama is a solicitor just like Clinton ,just a bit smarter ,thats why he is trying to define legal definitions Of Iranian NPT agreements and not Monica Lewinsky.

At the end they define something so complicatedly legal you all buy it.
the result is the same.

@Anon 6:08PM
I do live in Iran ,a few years out working and studying and now I'm back to see what I can Do to help my country .
Happy Nowrouz to all

Anonymous said...


1.You cannot use this site in Iran.

2.You don't represent Iranian nation.

3.Your wife must have left you for a very good reason.

4.No one is interested in your shenanigans.