Thursday, March 29, 2012

Azerbaijan Denies Giving Israel Access to Air Bases on Iran Border

Azerbaijan today denied a published report that it has granted Israel access to air bases on the border it shares with Iran. Yesterday, the Foreign Policy magazine had reported that Azerbaijan granted the access in the event Israel chooses to strike Iranian nuclear sites. The magazine cited unnamed US diplomats and military intelligence officials as the sources for its report.

“This information is absurd and groundless,” said Azerbaijan’s defense ministry spokesman Teymur Abdullayev. “The allegations were aimed at damaging relations between Azerbaijan and Iran.” [AFP, 29 March].

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Anonymous said...

One day The Azeris shall have enough money and emancipation to dare live and be themselves

The Azerbayjan anti Iran stance reminds to Mubarak and GHaddafi anti Iran stances towards Iran.

Look what happened. :)

Wait long enough and the apple shall fall.

Dariush London