Monday, November 25, 2013

Kourosh Commercial & Cinema Complex in Tehran, under construction

Kourosh Commercial & Cinema Complex is another ambitious construction project taking shape in Tehran

Iranian construction workers fitting reflective plate glass, forming the building's exterior

It's reported that efforts at seismic safety have been incorporated into the building's design, including "usage of box columns and bar sheet bridges." [Source: Systemair Middle East]

Artist's rendering of completed Kourosh Commercial & Cinema Complex

Artist's rendering of completed shopping mall interior

Artist's rendering of a completed theater at the cinema 

Artist's rendering of completed underground parking level of which there are seven, providing a parking capacity of 1607 cars.

Photos: Kourosh Complex


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I don't think how these postings are relevant to a site that primarily deals with Miltary and political matters. The picture of a car park is really not relevant to anything of interest, except it defocuses and diverts discussions and views.

In the middle of Iran's agreement with major powers on Nuclear issue posting something about a building site is really irrelevant. I trust that you would take this in good spirit.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:49 AM

Mark becomes ecstatic when he sees a few car parks in Iran. Let him live in his own fallacy.

B.M.A said...

Political matters mirror economic matters!!- and pictures like this speaks volume about a Nation under 'strangulation' of sanctions,.If only your taste was safe from choices, i think you would appreciate [like all ] the effort of the citizens in the country who try to invest something amid the hardship of the unjust york of sanctions !.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please continue with your post as I find them to be informative and relevant

Anonymous said...

not every thing is high issue niúke and military.
the peole need good infterastructure and entertainment
there is no good cinema in tehran, a modern muliplex-cinema not at all

Anonymous said...

^ dont visit the site then, go read the BBC

keep up the good work mark, i visit this site every day and enjoy everything i read

Anonymous said...

It's his way of propagandizing a terrorist regime. "see, vee haves b-m-dubble yoo in de gaharahge, vee like ahmrika"

reader said...

It’s very rare that I find myself in agreement with B.M.A, but in this occasion I think he is spot on. As I understand it, Mark is an American of Iranian heritage, and unlike many of us, does not carry the same baggage from the past. It is a shame that many well meaning readers don’t see the reason behind Mark’s postings of these humble constructional achievements. He is genuinely trying to highlight the resilience and resourcefulness of the ordinary Iranians faced with one of the most cruel and unjust sanctions imposed on a nation.

Anonymous said...

How dare you experience the beneficence of a Western government, and then call that government's actions "cruel and unjust?" The cruel and unjust government is the terrorist regime in Iran that you and other lying hypocrites like Mark are afraid to live under.

I really wish there was a law stating that anyone who criticizes a Western government, and supports the Iranian government, must be deported to Iran until they recant. You would hope that Iranians were honest enough to impose such a rule on themselves, but that's not going to happen.

reader said...

Didn't realize you were the spokesman/woman of the western world.

Anonymous said...

It is incumbent on all Iranian to refrain from inflammatory comments especially for the next 6 months.
1) Iran is not out of the wood yet. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.
2) They are already lining up the congressional representative for failure of the accord.
3) Revolutionary BS is not going to get Iran anywhere anymore. Time for adaptability rather than extinction. Iranian people have made a choice to join the world they are already going there. That means you do not poke the eye of your neighbor and brinkmanship. Eventually Iran has to live with them hopefully peacefully. They can be a good market for Iran’s products. Money talks BS walks. Iran does not want to or can afford being not liked in his neighborhood. Just like the other country that is.
4) Those who are making inflammatory comments to get an arousal one can guess who they are! Definitely not Iranian.
5) You out to love the picture of Zarief Hugging the French foreign minister!
6) As Zarief said before his trip something such as. We need the help of Iranian abroad. Everyone is an ambassador. This is not hard for Iranian to do. We are friendly, warm, and nice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40 PM is not a spokesperson of the western world but, a hired spokesperson for the zionist regime, just repeating the same old, racist, fascist ideology of that terrorist regime.

Anonymous said...

"see, vee haves b-m-dubble yoo in de gaharahge, vee like ahmrika", just like how a lot of Americans speak.

Anonymous said...

So you saying that the regime that put Iran in the position it is in today should continue to be in power no matter what?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:03 Well, it looks like you have no idea what Tehran looks like these days. Look at these two examples and then maybe you decide that you won't post out of ignorance with such confidence.

Azadi Cinema Complex

Mellat Cinema Complex

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:40 PM

There certainly is a law for what you wish and it is called dictatorship.

It is quite interesting that most of you hypocrites who criticize Iranian government for dictatorships are hardcore dictators deep down when it comes to your personal views.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 26, 2013 at 5:35 PM, it is more like how a lot of zionists speak.