Thursday, November 21, 2013

Slow Pace of Talks in Geneva

After a series of bilateral meetings on Wednesday and Thursday in Geneva between Iran and delegations from the six major power, and meetings between Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, it seems that there are some hesitations on both sides, at least for now. But the negotiations are reportedly set to go into the weekend.

Al-Monitor’s Laura Rosen reports from the site that U.S. and EU delegates were portraying the negotiations as more positive than the Iranians were, and aptly asks why? 

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi has spoken throughout the day of the need to rebuild trust and confidence. Tonight he was quoted as telling reporters at the hotel, “We haven't yet made any progress.”

France 24 reports that Iran and France “traded tough rhetoric” today. The French news channel said that differences on Arak heavy water reactor project, Iran’s insistence on an acknowledgement by the P5+1 of its right to enrich uranium and the extent of sanctions relief were still unresolved.

“Lots of progress was made last time, but considerable gaps remain, and we have to narrow the gaps,” France 24 quoted a senior Western diplomat as saying. “Some issues really need to be clarified. I sensed a real commitment ... from both sides. Will it happen? We will see. But, as always, the devil is in the details.”

Meanwhile, U.S.
Secretary of State John Kerry today told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Ayatollah Khamenei’s comment that Israel is the “rabid dog” of the Middle East was "inflammatory" and "unnecessary."

The Iranian supreme leader made the comment yesterday in a speech to Basij paramilitary members in Tehran.

“Obviously we disagree with it profoundly … It’s inflammatory, it’s unnecessary, and I think at this moment when we are trying to negotiate what can and can’t be achieved, the last thing we need is names back and forth,” Kerry said.


Anonymous said...

A deal is impossible ! Basically there is a gap between Iran and P3+1 red lines and neither will accept to move their red lines. So even if they can make an interim deal (unlikely) they can never make a final deal

Anonymous said...

The "West" is fishing in expectations, that the big fish (Islamic Republic) will "swallow" their hook with a small bait and they will pull the fish to shallow waters for its "eternal rest..."

But the fish is a smart one, and seeing the big hook, with a very small bait, will try to dislodge the bait first, before attempting to swallow it.

From a recent information, the Congressional members have indicated that they are considering new concession for Iran, that says that new sanctions will not be imposed ...("if Iran will swallow that proposed bait ??").

The problem is, that any agreement regarding ...restrictions, may be interpreted by different sides the same way, like the "no fly" zone over Libya was interpreted couple years ago by others....


Where is (the) MAT, Yossarian, Allochtonie ... colonel Mc Gregor, and others ?????????????

Anonymous said...

The biggest diaper head of them all, Khamenei, doesn't want the delegates to reach a deal because that would be the beginning of the end for him and his cohorts, he and his his minions would fall from grace so to speak. His authority is being nourished by his anti-western rethoric which he spews at Friday prayers.

Mark Pyruz said...

I agree with Kerry but how "helpful" and "necessary" was it for Wendy Sherman to make the racist remark that "deception" is part of Iranians' DNA?

Like the Leveretts pointed out, you rightfully can't say things like that about Jews or African-Americans without a formal reprimand, but in the case of Iranians its okay?

Iran-thru-Open-Eyes said...

It's absolutely certain the Ayatollah's remark was thoughtless; he didn't really mean to say anything like that, didn't mean to make anybody's feel-bads hurt.
Or not.
= = =

Disagree w/ Anonymous -- the Ayatollah's an old man, he didn't want the power to begin with, doesn't need it for personal aggrandizement.
Westerners may not understand that concept.
Khamenei's job is to protect the Iranian people and the Iranian state from predators. US & Israel represent predators. Ergo, Khamenei warns them off.

= = =
Did Kerry express any words of condolence for the killing of 23 people, Iranians and Lebanese, in Beirut recently?

What would US have said/done if their cultural attache had just been killed? -- oh, wait -- depends on whether Hillary Clinton was responsible for the killing of her own people or not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Precisely Mark,

or Sheldon Abelson's suggestion of a nuclear bombing of an Iranian desert followed by a nuking of Tehran itself at Yeshiva University in NY not long ago, supposedly in order to show how serious the US and Israel are on the issue of negotiations with the Iranians. Let alone Moshe Dayan's "Samson Option" of nuking several western cities in case they deem they have responsibility in an Israeli demise some time in the future, roughly the much accentuated version of Ahmadinejad's "Wipe Israel off the pages of History like the Soviet Union". I don't recall much ire from any western leader in the world up until now since the former Defense Minister himself talked about making Israel "Mad Dog that must not be bothered". This is typically the kind of ever-going double standards that have been plaguing middle-eastern/western (and specially American) interactions for decades now, whenever the Israeli factor is the quite visible elephant in the room one way or another... and in the case of such delicate discussions with potentially historical outcomes, we are reminded of how much of "twin" and mutually beneficial enemies are the likes of hardliners in both sides trying to undermine the notion of appeasement in every way they can, regularly fueling each other in some sort of a perpetual motion engine to move their respective warmongering cases forward.... let's just hope deciders this time make use of their whole power to silence or at least delay their side effects until something concrete and solid has been reached between the parties. Just as Nader rightfully told me in some other page of this blog recently, we are in dire need of established, written and signed facts on the ground now, not rhetoric or language. We've had enough of the latter in 8 years, again on every side, because Peace and the Iranian economy and its main victims at home, don't have the luxury to wait much anymore....


Nader Uskowi said...


The language used by Ayatollah Khamenei was unbecoming for a head of state that he is. The tone of the speech was also surprisingly angry, I can’t understand why. He must be feeling comfortable and strong with Iran’s position. Has he accepted the Geneva talks with reluctance?

Anonymous said...

Holy s***, do you have any clue how much money his children are stealing? They steal the land of IRANIAN CITIZENS, evil violations of the most basic property rights, just because they want to profit off of it. Reuters had a huge article on it last week. What planet are you living on? Why don't you live in Iran for a while, where these terrorist scumbags can take your most basic rights on a whim, and then come and tell us how great Khamenei is.

Nader Uskowi said...

We have deleted a racist comment here against the Iranian nation, as well as the author of this post. Racism has no place in this blog, being anti-Iranian, anti-Arab or anti-Semitic. If you have a serious discussion against the Iranian culture, Iranian leadership, or the views of any of the authors of this blog, you are very welcome to post your comments here. We do welcome opposing views; the seven year-history of our comment sections is a proof of it. But racist statements have no place in any civilized conversation. All the blog authors will be more vigilant than before to block inappropriate comments, or to delete them, to bring back a sense of civility to discussions here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"If you have a serious discussion against the Iranian culture, Iranian leadership, or the views of any of the authors of this blog, you are very welcome to post your comments here."

It's not racist to accuse the Iranian regime of lying. The entire nuclear problem arose because they lied about a secret facility they were building, only to be exposed by the MKO.

The terrorist regime's entire motus operandi is lies. Just like when Khomeini (who was thankfully beaten into submission by Saddam) lied to children about how the plastic keys (imported from China) he was giving them were keys to heavan, as he sent them on mine clearing suicide operations.

Similarly, Mark is liar for taking the side and promoting such a despicable regime while not having to suffer any of its evils.

The list of lies from the Iranian regime and its supporters is pages long. That's their entire strategy, which is why they have to so clearly control the press and freedom of information in Iran.

Anonymous said...

p.s. obviously not all Iranians across the world are liars, because we wouldn't know about the regime's lies if honest people didn't leak the truth out -- but information control, dishonesty and trickery is the only thing keeping the regime in place. If you open your mouth in Iran you go to Evin.

Anonymous said...


Are you serious? You think all people are as stupid as the followers of the regime?
Do you remember the 1979 embassy and hostage take over? How about the 300 marines killed
in Beirut by a suicide truck used by the Hezbollah?
How about the $95 Billion he has stolen from Iranian people? I know who you represent.
See what happens when you try throwing stones in glass houses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:21 AM-

thank you for your response to that hideously ignorant and worthless remark from Iran-thru-Open-Eyes

the suicide bombing of the Marine barracks was done with the blessing of Khomeini.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57 PM

You are welcome my friend. Always stick to the truth and you will be alright.
The islamic regime's foundations was built on a quicksand of lies.

Anonymous said...

" We have deleted a racist comment here against the Iranian nation, as well as the author of this post. Racism has no place in this blog, being anti-Iranian, anti-Arab or anti-Semitic. "

should we seriously expect that anti-Arab or anti-Semitic comments will be deleted as quickly as slurs directed against the Iranian people?

I would be pleased by that.

and even more pleased if racist comments ceased being posted in the comments here by the readers.

Anonymous said...

What a contradiction with the typical comments here, saying things like "Iranian liars", Iranian this, Iranian that and all the other racist, anti-Iran propaganda from the zionist hasbara shills that are recruited to post here.