Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Parand International Kart Racing Complex

Parand International Kart Racing Complex is situated approximately 35 km southwest of Tehran. Last year upon official inspection, the FIA chief expressed surprise and praise for the high standard of this international circuit.

Hot corner kart racing action at Parand

Parand podium ceremony following the conclusion of a kart race. Note the second place finisher on the podium is an Iranian woman racer.

Kart racing race prep at Parand

Vinyl DJ mix party at an outdoor public venue in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Rakish race center architecture for Parand's international kart racing complex

Photos: Parand International Kart Racing Complex on Facebook


Anonymous said...

Pathetic terrorist propaganda, by a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

In Case you did not know what (95 bil $ bling bling) Khamenei was doing all These years while stealing elections and ruining Generations; now Mark feels 'important' and 'relevant' making Propaganda for terrorists because he has no friend in USA and imagine Khamenei as his personal guide in his mental emptiness which he tries to cover up with pictures from a another country to which he has no connection what so ever; that is pathetic indeed ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17PM

Thank you for such an epic find.

Saved it to my favorites instantly!

Anonymous said...

every person should read the Reuters stories about the hidden money that the Ayatollahs have ripped from private citizens of Iran.

B.M.A said...

Anon 13 nov at 1:06am
DO YOU believe that BS and shoddy story by those three lazy Guys doing some 'good work' for Reuters! BEFORE you cheer for that epic find, answer this one

@why does Reuters have to scare the hell out of the world in calling Iranian athletics in the field of ninjitsu as assassins and scream aloud to the world that IRAN is training female commando assassins .
IT IS BECAUSE Reuters is a tool!-and this clumsy story will fizzle away like many such others because assumptions can not build a strong argument!.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry my friend,we are aware of the criminal activities of the Ayatollahs and their followers.

Anonymous said...

@ B.M.A - I should not believe Reuters, well then, why should I believe you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17 PM....Rueters are spot on because I know people that have suffered from that organization.