Saturday, November 30, 2013

Basij 'Ashura Corps' exercise, Tehran

Basij marksman equipped with Steyr LG 110 MATCH air rifle aiming from open-top cupola position, aboard SWAT-modified Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series.

Another view of Steyr LG 110 MATCH air rifle. Note ACU-inspired Iranian battle uniform.

Motorized Basij on what may be Iranian-built "Gelände/Straße" type motorcycles

Motorized Basij Ashura equipment details, including riot control body armor and helmets

Basij Ashura drill,  providing another view of riot control equipment, including shield

Basij demonstrating hand-to-hand combat training

Basij Ashura training under simulated civil unrest conditions

Basij Ashura issue gas mask fitted under riot control helmet

Far left: diminutive female Basij donning woodland camo BDUs beneath chador

Female Basij member demonstrating specialized PT

Formal review by IRGC brigadier general and brigadier general 2nd class

Photos: Majid Haghdoust at FARS News Agency


Anonymous said...

Terrorist propagandist

B.M.A said...

Strength of A WOMAN !!-
ANY Nation that leaves out the contributions of a section of its society can never stand up!!-hoping Americas most trusted democratic friends[P-gulf states] take some lessons !!.

THANKS once more Mark for sharing THIS ONE!!.

Anonymous said...

Idiot remark. Carefull, US fat ass brain fart alert!

Yossarian said...

Just look at those clowns doing "Karate" drills...The Iranian equivalent of rednecks, mullets included.

Anonymous said...

IOn one hand one worries About what Syria and Iraq become hopefully will not happen to Iran. That would be exactly the outside influence try to develop. In the other hand this is reverse class warfare of the Shah era. Can Iran resolve its differences without violence when it happens? Does the consciousness rise to that level when there is blood in the street?

In addition would you please either do not respond to non Iranian ignorant comments or when you do not impolitely! Some of us live in America! Call this place home. If one dosn’t understand the facts, this is a good REPRESENTATION and learning source.

reader said...

Let's hope they will never ever point that gun at an unarmed civilian.

Anonymous said...

That has certainly and beyond any doubt happened many times in iran, just today, not over issues of theft, rape or evil which are all common there and often committed by these this but because some iranian was trying to protest such behavior and/or assert rights that are commonplace in the United States.

How else do you expect a mafia tegime to keep a population in line?

Anonymous said...

They need to upgrade their body armor!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I left Iran when I had a chance. Anyone who can leave that forsaken place for a dignified, normal life in a civilized country should do it.
Sartre the famous French Philosopher and existentialist has said :
"Every nation deserves the government ("political system") that they have"

Anonymous said...

These are the only supporters of the islamic terrorist regime.

Anonymous said...

The theocracies one and only "enemy" is the Iranian nation.

Unknown said...

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