Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Iran Sanctions Not Working - Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that global sanctions on Iran are not working.

"The sanctions are painful, hard, but will this bring about a halt or a retreat in the Iranian nuclear program? Until now, it has not happened," Netanyahu told reporters in Jerusalem [AFP, 4 April].

"The regime strengthened its grip in the recent elections, despite the sanctions… It has strengthened its political grip, it is struggling financially and it still hasn't turned back by even one millimeter from its nuclear program.

"Will these difficulties cause the Iranian regime to stop its nuclear program? Only time will tell. I can't tell you if it will happen. I know there is hardship but there still hasn't been a change," Netanyahu added.


Anonymous said...

Israel has the same problem as Iran; Israel does not want to be isolated; today they have neither a good relationship with sunnis in the region (Turkey, Egypt) nor with the Shia; Israel does not even trust the west; that is what this is all about; Israel does not want to share the Love of the west with Iran - like a child who does not welcome the new born baby in the family; Israel fears that it will lose the west to Iran; then it feels isolated; no friends in Shia, sunni oder in the west; this fear is of course is highly irrational - but so the behaviour of Isreal; the solution is simple; Iran has to offer Israel friendship; both sides (Iran and Isreal) can bring themselves only together out of this isolation

mat said...

The only option left that will work is 'barking'.

Anonymous said...

Well you go ahead and bark mat.

Steve said...

The simple truth, which Mr. Netanyahu doesn't seem to grasp, is as follows:
NO, absolutely NO conventional measure can stop the nuclear program of Iran, not even an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.
The only measures, which would be able to stop that program, would be
1) complete thermonuclear destruction of the major Iranian cities or
2) a full blown military invasion of Iran, with subsequent regime change.
But the latter two measures would inevitably trigger WW3.

Anonymous said...

Well this is a rare one, Netanyahu being right! Its good to see that even he now realises sanctions only do harm to the common man, but not the elite.
Netanyahu realised it, Ahamdinejad said it in his interview in Germany, and the iranian opposition has been saying it all along.
So why are the sanctions continuing?