Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Iran Not Concerned About Oil Sanctions- Ahmadinejad

‘Enough Foreign Currency Reserves for Several Years’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said today that Iran is not concerned about sanctions on its oil sales by the West.

“Iran has ample reserves of foreign currencies and even if it could not sell its oil for several years it would be able to withstand the sanctions,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying during a visit to the southern port city of Bandar Abbas [IRINN, 10 April].

Ahmadinejad spoke just a few days ahead of the nuclear talks between Iran and the six major powers scheduled to be held on Saturday in Istanbul.


Anonymous said...

well, his problem is that he is not concerned about anything; the concept of responsibility is entirely foreign to him ...

Anonymous said...

What he means is the mullahs are so fat from their looting of Iran's resources that they can withstand western sanctions. While the Iranian workers are not being paid and been laid off with impending poverty and stagflation for the nation.
Simply put..."I'm alright jack"

Nader Uskowi said...

It is indeed strange even for Dr. Ahmadinejad to declare that the loss of oil revenues, nearly $90 billion a year, does not affect the country’s economy for several years. Probably he was trying to break the news to the Iranian people that they should expect and accept deep reductions in oil sales as the result of the new EU sanctions that goes into effect on 1 July.

Gifted one said...

what he said wasn't directed at the Iranian people, but to anyone who depends on the free and uninterrupted flow of oil and gas through the strait of Hormuz. It has always been stated that Iran wouldn't close the strait because it would affect its own exports, Ahmadinejad is signalling that Iran is ready to take the pain.

Nader Uskowi said...

Gifted one,

The problem is not that Dr. Ahmadinejad is expressing his views, that Iran’s economy would not be affected for several years without any oil revenues; the worry is that the senior leadership might actually start believing what they say and tin his case base their policies not on facts but on delusion and miscalculation.

Gifted one said...

But why do you think it is based on "delusion and miscalculation"? do you have evidence to back up your claim?

Ultimately it is not about what punishment Iran can take, it is about how much economic punishment and disruption Iran's enemies are ready to cope with, since the West, the Gulf pimpdoms, and Israel are the instigators of this conflict.

The West, and co, should understand that faced with annihilation it is the Iranian regime's perogative to threaten, and pursue scorched earth tactics. It must make clear to all that the fruit of war will be unpalatable to all sides, but ultimately poisonous to the aggressors.

Nader Uskowi said...

You are serious, are you? The loss of $90 billion annually which also constitute the greatest bulk of the country's foreign exchange does not affect the economy? What type of evidence do you need to see to realize that the Iranian economy sans oil is not the same?

Gifted one said...

Nader you are splitting hairs. For Iran to be in a position where it is not exporting oil is obviously an extraordinary situation, a state of war for instance. So the economy will clearly not be "the same", as you put it.

Do you think the Iranians are talking of voluntarily suspending the sale of oil absent US or Israeli instigated conflict? I'm sure you must have heard that Iran has substantial reserves of foreign currency and gold both declared, and unofficial, and despite reports to the contrary the Iranian economy is in a better position than most of the nations that will be forced to deal with the disruption of commerce in the Strait, and possibly the destruction of Saudi oil production capacity.

Nader you may want to present the fallacy of Western supremacy, and Iranian impotence, as a fact for your own reasons, but the truth is that in the event of war Iran can fight and destroy Persian Gulf oil exporting capacity simultaneously. To expect otherwise is self-delusion on the scale of anticipating flowers and chocolates showered on US forces in the streets of Baghdad. This, IMO, is what Ahmadinejad is telegraphing

Nader Uskowi said...

Dear Gifted one,

We need to calm down and comment on the subject at hand. My original comment that started this conversation was not about Iran voluntarily suspending oil sales. It was not a comparison study of Iranian economy versus the neighboring countries. It was not about arguing for “Western supremacy” and “Iranian impotence.” These are all your take and imagination from a short comment I made on Dr. Ahmadinejad’s speech in Bandar Abbas, they have nothing to do with my comment.

So let’s see what I said: Dr. Ahmadinejad’s comment that total oil embargo against Iran will not affect the Iranian economy for several years was not based on fact, but rather on delusion and miscalculation if he meant what he said. I said nothing more, nothing less. You need to direct your anger at Ahmadinejad for using hyperbole and sloganeering during his speeches instead of logic. He could have as easily said that despite the obvious effects of the oil embargo on the Iranian economy, the country will not back down and will survive the embargo.

I still believe that Ahmadinejad’s audience was the Iranian public in general. He wanted to break the bad news that the oil sales will be cut substantially, because of the coming sanctions, but the country could survive with less oil sales. But of course he needs to over-dramatize everything. That’s one of the reasons Iran is in this position. Using language of hyperbole and sloganeering instead of cool logic.

Thanks again for the conversation and looking forward to debate other issues with you in future. Take care.