Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Iran Warns Saudis on Iran and Syria Policy

The chairman of Majlis national defense committee said in Tehran today that Iran has warned Saudi Arabia over “its meddling in the internal affairs of Syria and its anti-Iranian stance.”

“Saudi Arabia’s efforts to change the government in Iraq have failed and Saudis have suffered heavy defeats in Syria and Bahrain. Therefore, the Al Saud is treating Iran with contempt,” said Qolam Reza Karami-Rad. “We expect the Saudis to consider the consequences of their anti-Iranian actions, acting in line with US policy, and reconsider their language toward Tehran,” he added. [IRNA/Press TV, 3 April].

Karami-Rad said Syria is on the frontline of “the anti-Israel struggle” and Iran will not allow “US, Israeli and Saudi plots to be carried out in Syria.”

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that somebody in the iranian government can actually recognize that they're held in contempt.