Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Press TV: US Minesweeping Exercises in Persian Gulf

Iran’s state-owned Press TV reported today that the U.S. Navy warships are carrying out minesweeping exercises across the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Press TV also reports that the U.S. Navy has deployed four new minesweepers to the region, capable of detecting and destroying mines through their special radio control equipment.


mat said...

What else instead of the U.S.'s term of 'barking' of attacking the truely mighty Islamic Republic of Iran for 33 long boring years.

Anonymous said...

You should know a thing or two about being "boring".

Anonymous said...

THe US was trying to sweep Israeli mines who are trying to instigate a war by hitting US ships and projecting it on Iran.

Under the pretex of Exercise they are actually trying to stop ISrael.

Just like the Missile shield in Europe... claiming its Iran but even my dog knows its handicapping the Russians.

Dariush London