Saturday, April 14, 2012

GCC to Meet Over Ahmadinejad’s Visit to Abu Musa

The GCC member countries plan to meet next week to discuss a dispute between the UAE and Iran which broke out after the Iranian president visited Abu Musa Island which is claimed by the UAE.

The UAE has recalled its ambassador to Tehran after President Ahmadinejad’s visit, calling it a "flagrant violation" of its sovereignty. Iran has rejected the UAE’s claim, calling the visit an internal matter.

Source: Reuter, 14 April 2012


Anonymous said...

the timing of Ahmadinejad was a bid unfortunate and provocative ; but uae has no right to such harsh reaction - that is the actual provocation; calling those islands 'occupied' is outrageous; but at the end of the day i could also live with an 'abu musa' that is put under joint administration of iran and uae if they recognize those other islands as iranian; that should be the end of the story

Anonymous said...

I just hope these Arab petrol stations will be as enthusiastic when it comes to Palestine..Pathetic idiots!!!

It's clear they're not doing this on their own volition..They've been told to do it and also use this as a way to distract their people from the revolutions spreading towards them...

Anonymous said...

Those islands are Iranian with no joint administration full stop.

Anonymous said...

Not worth even talking about.

BTW this was initiated by the Brits to punish Irans engagement for Argentina in the Malvinas issue.

Darisuh London