Sunday, April 22, 2012

France: Hollande Wins First Round of Presidential Election - UPDATE

UPDATE: The results of the first round of the French presidential elections:

Francois Hollande: 28.8%
Nicolas Sarkozy: 26.1%
Marine Le Pen: 18.5%
Jean-Luc Melenchon: 11.7%
Francois Bayrou: 8.8%
Eva Joly: 2.3%
Others: 3.8%
Francois Hollande
Photo: Caroline Blumberg/EPA

Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party will finish first in the first round of the French presidential election. The exit polls show he would receive 28% of the votes to President Sarkozy’s 25%. The exit polls also show that the candidate of the extreme right Marine le Pen will receive 20% of the votes and the candidate supported by the French Communist party and the far left Jean-Luc Melenchon will receive 12%.

The results, if stand, will be a major victory for Marine le Pen, bringing in a record percentage of the vote for the Front National (one in five French citizens voting for the extreme right), and a major upset for the far left candidate Mélenchon who was expected to finish third in previous polls. The results also throw out previous predictions of a sure victory for Hollande over Sarkozy in the second round on 6 May.

UPDATE: With 33 percent of the vote counted, Hollande has 27.5% percent of the votes and Sarkozy 26.6%. Le Pen is in third with 19.9%. Mélenchon who is finishing a disappointing fourth with 10% of the votes, has asked his supporters to come out in force during the second round to defeat Sarkozy. The centrist Democratic Movement candidate Francois Bayou has 9% and Green's Joly 2% of the votes. 71% of all eligible voters cast their votes in a strong turnout during the first round.

UPDATE: An Ipsos Mori poll conducted for France 24 shows that the Socialist candidate Hollande will win the second round convincingly, supported by 54% of likely voters, as opposed to 46% for Sarkozy. Hollande would become the first Socialist president since Mitterrand who won two elections in 1980s. 


Anonymous said...

If Sarkozy wins it in May, then at least 2 more wars in the ME are ahead of us.

Unknown said...

Aside from the intertaining aspect of watching a second generation hungarian immigrant running on an antiimmigrant plateform, the French seem poised to vote sarkozy out, as part of the ongoing European punishment of current leaders for the economic downturn.
Sadly, that would only create more economic woes, as capital will start leaving France due to the incoming socialist taxes on the wealthy. France's downward spiral will eclipse the Spanish/Greek/Italian/Irish troubles and will have more global impact.

Anonymous said...

Another sarkozy round is a disaster for us French (Iranian-French).The guy is not even French