Thursday, April 26, 2012

Campaigning for Majlis Runoff Elections Begins

The week-long campaigning period for the second round of Iran’s parliamentary elections began today. 130 candidates will run for the remaining 65 Majlis seats in the runoff elections on 4 May. In the first round, no candidates could receive 50 percent of the votes in these 65 districts, prompting the runoffs between the top two vote getters in each district. Conservative candidates allied to Iran’s supreme leaders dominated the first round of elections and they are expected to sweep the remaining seats on 4 May.


Anonymous said...

So basically one mullah boy is campaigning against another mullah boy.
And the winner becomes Khameneis dopey douche bag,right?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this mr or mrs anon (10:54) does not quite know what a "Douchbag" is looooooooooooooooool or is meant !!!!!!