Friday, April 13, 2012

Syrian Truce Holds – UN Team Ready for Deployment

The ceasefire in Syria is holding for the second day, as a UN peacekeeping team is awaiting the UN Security Council order to deploy to Syria. The team of 30 unarmed military observers would begin overseeing the tenuous ceasefire in the country.

The continued presence of government troops and armored vehicles in the cities in violation of the agreement signed between the Assad government and UN envoy Kofi Annan was a matter of concern, however.

South Africa's UN Ambassador Baso Sangqu said discussions on the text of a UNSC resolution regarding the deployment of UN observers would begin shortly.

Source: Al Jazeera

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Anonymous said...

This truce won't hold for long.Assad and his gang are deluding themselves into thinking with the support of the mafia theocracy and with both gangster states of Russia and China they would survive.
The calling card of the Assad regime is on the table and it isn't a good hand for him.