Friday, April 13, 2012

Nuclear Talks with Iran Begin

European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton today met with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in Istanbul to prepare the way for crucial talks between Iran and the six major powers over the country’s nuclear program.

After the six countries meet as a group with Iran on Saturday morning, they may have bilateral meetings Saturday afternoon.

If the two sides succeed in finding common ground, they are expected to meet again next month in Baghdad, a venue suggested by Iran, for a second round that will go into more detail.


Anonymous said...

US is planning to make these talks fail again. So lets not pretend its gonna make any differece.

I mean as long as there is an enemy somewhere and justifys all these patriot laws and unadulterated help to Israel and The Arabs who buys the weapons at five times the price..., so why bring down the tension !!??

Dariush London

Gifted one said...

IMo Iran should give up the enrichment of Uranium to 20% as a concession, but should be allowed to purchase it legally as an IAEA member. Lower enrichment should be allowed, Iran is now nuclear capable, and should remain so. Iran's latent nuclear ability is a key deterrent preventing attack, and regional war. However Iran should make any concession necessary to improve the well being and prosperity of the Iranian people, and reject any demand that undermines national cohesion, and scientific progress.

Anonymous said...

Iran shoud not for even one second allow the west to pretend that they are allowing Iran to have or not to have.