Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sadr Visits Kurdistan – Mediating Crisis with Baghdad

Iraqi Shiite leader Mogtada Al Sadr arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan today to mediate a growing crisis between Kurdish President Massoud Barzani and Iraqi Premier Nouri Al Maliki. Barzani has accused Maliki of moving toward dictatorship and has strongly hinted that Kurdistan would declare independence from Iraq if the minorities were continued to be excluded from participating in political and security decision-making process.

“I met Nuri al-Maliki in Tehran, and I came to listen to the opinion of the Kurdish leaders and their views,” Sadr told reporters at Erbil airport, after arriving on a private plane from Tehran.

“Everyone should look out for the public interest and the unity of the Iraqi people, and I hope that everyone will be responsible,” Sadr said.
“Minorities are an important part of Iraq, and we have to bring them to participate in building Iraq, politically, economically and in security,” he added.

Sadr, who spends most of his time on religious studies in Iran, will meet Barzani today.

Source: AFP, 26 April 2012


Anonymous said...

Baba,Sadr is just another moft khor and blood sucker just like the rest of the mullahs.
He lives off Irans money in his many villas in Iran while our people are starving and in need of work and money.
Religious studies,yeah sure.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted proof as to who calls the shots in iraq...then here is your proof. This is a significant visit...perhaps only less significant to May's visit when the world powers try to resolve the issue once and for all between themselves and iran.

Unfortunately, both sides are fairly comfortable with status quo. And these so called negotiations are nothing more than a typical parent child relationship. the 'parents' do not want the 'child' to play with 'matches'. One rather difference though is that in typical parent child relationships, both usually love and live in peace and harmony working towards a common goal. This sadly is not the case here.

So what shall come of the visit? Who knows how all of this will turn out and what decision mankind will mike, but one thing is for certain:

The world is getting 'smaller', and more people are inhabiting it than ever before, and just like in the wild, us humans will come into conflict when resources become scarce.

An Observant human